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Chatsworth Products prides itself on being an active member of the community, our respective industries, and many other year-round activities, shows, events and more. Be sure to check this page often for the latest announcements, press releases, news items, training programs, trade show schedules, upcoming events … and more.


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Go with the Flow
5/22/2018 12:02:37 PM
The data centre market continues to grow and more demands are being placed upon facilities to increase energy efficiency and better manage operating costs. However, with the average head load per cabinet rising steadily and cooling already being one of the largest consumers of energy in a data centre, the task is clearly not an easy one.

Attend a Free Webinar: The How and What of Developing a Remote Management Strategy to Simplify White Space
5/1/2018 09:41:59 AM
Developing a remote management strategy that considers power and environmental management, and enhanced security can help simplify white space management. Find out how by attending a free webinar on Thursday, May 17.

Armored for IOT: Protecting Equipment in Nontraditional Environments
4/19/2018 07:05:40 AM
Armored for IOT: Protecting Equipment in Nontraditional Environments Raissa Carey, Technical Writer, Chatsworth Products, Inc. Printed in Data Centre Journal, April 2018 Expansion into mobility and demand for real-time data are pushing businesses in every sector to expand their network to the edge and rethink how to lay out their IT infrastructure to support the booming Internet of Things (IoT). The opportunities in IoT are tremendous (about $2 trillion, according to market-intelligence firm IDC), and to survive, companies will need to invest in IT for their digital transformation.

Is Your Data Centre Ready for GDPR?
4/10/2018 01:55:23 PM
Is Your Data Centre Ready for GDPR? Luca Rozzoni, CPI Senior Product Manager for Europe. Featured in Spring 2018 edition of Data Centre Management. While security has always been a key consideration for the data centre industry, the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – a strict set of regulations set to protect data privacy – means that data protection and security policies have taken on a new level of priority

Reducing Data Center Cooling Costs through Airflow Containment
4/2/2018 11:38:01 AM
Reducing Data Center Cooling Costs through Airflow Containment David Knapp, CPI Product Marketing Manager. Featured in the March 2018 edition of HPAC Engineering Magazine. Implementing a containment solution in the data center costs much less than the alternatives of adding air handlers or other supplement

May 2018 - Enhance Your ICT Expertise with Chatsworth Products’ ‘Drive Forward’ Webinar Series
5/8/2018 09:29:23 AM
Enhance your expertise in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and operational technology in industrial applications with Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) new Drive Forward Webinar Series.

April 2018 - Infrastructure Technologies to Consider When Upgrading the Enterprise Network
4/20/2018 02:30:53 PM
Upcoming changes in Power over Ethernet (PoE), advanced Wi-Fi, software-defined networking (SDN) and 5G will certainly impact the physical premise network.

PDUs and the Colocation Challenge
4/19/2018 07:51:29 AM
PDUs and the Colocation Challenge Raissa Carey, Technical Writer, Chatsworth Products, Inc. Printed in Mission Critical Magazine, April 2018 Despite the higher upfront costs of deploying intelligent PDUs, colocation providers rely on remote power monitoring to better service and bill their customers. But it is still common to see sluggish buy-ins from tenants and endusers who take higher prices of intelligent PDUs at face value.

Time to Get Rid of Mechanical Keys in Data Centers?
4/2/2018 01:56:57 PM
Time to Get Rid of Mechanical Keys in Data Centers? Ashish Moondra, CPI Senior Product Manager Power, Electronics & Software. Featured on Facilitiesnet, March 2018. A recent security breach in the city of Austin, Texas, highlights the advantages of electronic user access management solutions in

April 2018 - Chatsworth Products Helps Anthem Transform Legacy Data Center into a Model of Efficiency
4/2/2018 11:12:43 AM
Chatsworth Products (CPI) was recently awarded a patent for a cost-effective, simplified electronic access control (EAC) product for data center cabinets.

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