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Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 5: LCD Consoles

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Celebrate the holidays with CPI’s “The 12 Days of Christmas Solutions” for your data center. Each topic will feature a unique solution to meet your data center needs.

On the 5th day of Christmas my value-added reseller provided me ... 

Dazzle your IT manager this holiday season with an LCD/KVM Console. This will allow them to easily access up to 16 computers on or off a rack with the most streamline functional LCD monitor, keyboard, and KVM switch shelf available.

LCD KVM ConsoleThe LCD/KVM Console is a convenient set of peripherals that take up only 1 RMU of rack-mount space and will connect to one, eight, or sixteen computers. All units will integrate with Windows or MAC operating systems. The LCD/KVM Console includes an LCD display (15”, 17”, or 19”), a 104 key keyboard & tray with built-in touch pad. Multi-computer units also include an 8 or 16 port keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) switch. The LCD display panel and keyboard tray open separately and are available with PS-2 and/or USB combo cables.

Bob Sienkiewicz, Associate Product Manager

Posted by Bob Sienkiewicz, Associate Product Manager at 11/07/2016 08:10:09 AM

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