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T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet Includes Door Hinges

T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet Includes Door Hinges

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SteelFrame-Cabinet.jpgPeriodically, we receive calls from our customers pertaining to CPI's T-Series SteelFrame Cabinets in reference to missing door hinges.  Please note that if the cabinet is missing hinges, then there would not be any doors on the cabinets, as the doors are installed with these hinges.  If it is a frame only configuration, then no hinges or doors are included.  If you order a frame only configuration and plan to add doors later, then when doors are ordered, the doors will include hinges.

A T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet includes:

(1) Four-Post Frame
(4) Vertical Mounting Rails
(2) Removable, Lockable Side Panels
(1) Reversible, Lockable Front Door
(1) Reversible, Lockable Rear Door
(1) Vented Top Panel with six Cable Access Ports
(2) Vertical Half Height Cable Managers (narrow or wide)
(4) Leveling Feet
(1) Multi-Bay Attachment Hardware Kit
(1) Bag 50 #12-24 Screws (with tapped rails)
(1) Combo Kit of #12-24 and M6 Cage Nuts and Screws (with square-punched rails)

A frame only cabinet will not include a top panel, side panels or doors. Both versions arrive fully assembled.

For more information download the T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet the data sheet or configure your own SteelFrame Cabinet now. Trish Villarreal, Customer Service Manager

Posted by Trish Villarreal, Customer Service Manager at 10/11/2011 09:16:04 AM

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