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LCD/KVM Console 

The LCD Console is a convienent set of rack-mount peripherals that use only 1 RMU of rack-mount space and can connect to one, eight, or sixteen computers. Choose from a 15", 17" or 19" LCD display panel and a keyboard tray with a built-in touch pad. Multi-user units also include a keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) switch.

  • Rack mountable, 19" EIA x 1 RMU; requires 4-post support
  • Dual slides - open the LCD panel and keyboard seperately
  • Durable steel construction and tempered glass on LCD panel
  • Hidden handle on keyboard tray; tryas lock in the closed position

Rear View of LCD/KVM Console 


The LCD/KVM Console will allow connection to eight or sixteen computers.

  • Multi-port consoles have KVM switches with eight or sixteen computer connections and one expansion connector for optional KVM expansion modules.
  • Supports PS/2 and USB computer keyboard and mouse connections with appropriate system cable
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