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N-Series Cabinet For Cisco 7018 Switch   

The N-Series TeraFrame Cabinet for the Cisco Nexus 7018 Switch provides an engineered solution that meets the special installation requirements of the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series 18-slot switch.

  • Designed specifically to deploy a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series 18-slot switch (Nexus 7018) in a hot aisle/cold aisle data center environment
  • An integrated Network Switch Exhaust Duct converts side-to-side airflow through the switch into front-to-rear airflow through the cabinet allowing the cabinet to be deployed in hot aisle/cold aisle applications
  • Offset, removable doors and side panels provide extra interior space around equipment for enhanced side-to-side airflow and easy access to equipment and cabling
  • Large brush-sealed openings on the top of the cabinet allow large quantities of cables to enter or exit the cabinet
  • Includes T-shaped cable guides on the front of the cabinet with openings that align with each rack-mont unit on the rack to divide and organize cables by rack-mount unit as the cables enter or exit the rack-mout space
  • The front and rear doors are perforated for maximium airflow into and out of the cabinet; the double door design uses less space in the aisle when opened
  • Each cabinet includes two pairs of 19" EIA equipment mounting rails to provide front and rear support fo rthe switch, equipment, and shelves



1/20/2018 2:48:58 AM