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Vertical Power Strips for F-Series TeraFrame,
and N-Series TeraFrame Cabinets



  • More connections for equipment than horizontal power strips
  • Adjustable front-to-rear along the side of the rack-mount space to match the depth of equipment
  • NEMA- and IEC-style outlets
  • Standard and twist-lock plugs
  • Various styles to suit your needs
    • Vertical Power Strips with Current Monitoring – single-, dual-, and triple-input, single-phase and three-phase, low- and high-voltage vertical-mount power strips with optional digital current displays for use in cabinets placed in data centers and equipment rooms 
    • Vertical Power Strips – single-input, single-phase, low voltage 19" rack-mount power strips for general use in cabinets placed in telecommunications rooms and small offices 
  • Brackets available to provide mounting flexibility
    • Each F-Series TeraFrame cabinet (42 through 47 RMU high) includes a pair of brackets that can support one 66" CPI power strip. 
    • Vertical Power Strip Manager - creates pathway for two or four power strips along the side of the cabinet. Attaches to frame and adjusts in depth to match equipment.  


Vertical Power Strips in Cabinets 


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