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MegaFrame® Family of Cabinets

MegaFrame Family of CabinetsMegaFrame® Family of Cabinets are aluminum cabinets designed for a wide variety of applications as well as specific markets.

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MegaFrame Family of Cabinets Feature:

  • Partial assembly makes it perfect for challenging installations in tight spaces or limited door clearances
  • Constructed of anodized extruded aluminum
  • Maximum durability and strength along with the benefits of lightweight construction
  • Up to 2,000 lb (907.2 kg) static load rating (with or without casters)
  • Reduced structural weight for better floor loading
  • Integrated vertical cable management
  • #12-24 tapped, square-punched or specialty rails with U markings for fast equipment mounting
  • Large variety of features and options compared to other cabinets


2/19/2018 4:15:13 AM