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Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-1000)

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-1000)The Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-1000) System provides remote monitoring of sensors and devices in your data centers and equipment rooms. Select from a full line of sensors for continuous environmental, power and security monitoring.

The Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-1000) System from Chatsworth Products (CPI) creates a critical early warning system that monitors conditions in your facility and notifies you when conditions change, so you can take immediate action. 

The RIM-1000 is a standalone device with internal flash storage that hosts its own web pages. No additional software is required. Use a web browser to access RIM-1000 and view data or configure sensors. You can set a threshold for each input. The web interface summarizes device and sensor input conditions with color-coding and displays the physical location of devices and sensors on a floor plan or map. When thresholds are crossed, RIM-1000 sends an SNMP trap, an email or SMS alarm notification.

Features include:

  • Configurable with expansion cards for a large number of sensor inputs
  • Provides one integrated view of all facility equipment
  • Accepts inputs from a wide range of environmental sensors and facility equipment
  • Stores data internally, no need for additional equipment or software to store or access data
  • Provides a single web-based interface for accessing and reviewing all data
  • Monitors user-set thresholds and sends SNMP traps, email or SMS alarm notifications for events
  • Provides Modbus, BACnet and SNMP output for integration with other facility management systems
  • 19”EIA rack-mount appliance available in a 1U or 2U chassis; 24VDC or 48VDC power supply

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