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Whether you are designing a new data center or enhancing an existing one, Chatsworth Products (CPI), can help you achieve the ultimate data center solution based on your specific needs today, while allowing you the flexibility to succeed tomorrow. Our unique combination of exceptional solutions and services will help you achieve your data center objectives.

Here are just a few ways CPI's data center solutions can benefit your data center:

  • Provide significant operational savings by reducing energy consumption
  • Connect equipment with clearly defined and organized cable pathways
  • Protect equipment with intelligent locking systems, colocation cages and complete grounding options
  • Monitor conditions such as power, environment and security

Optimize Performance

CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions are your Simply Efficient™ choice for maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of data center cooling. This innovative thermal management technique allows you to minimize bypass and recirculation airflow, which can save up to 40% on energy costs and up to 90% on data center cooling costs.

Utilize Your Space

CPI is the expert in resolving a wide range of data center facility challenges. Whether the issue is facing large-scale density deployments, capacity growth against various constraints, restricted slab-to-slab clearances or inadequate raised floor heights, CPI is prepared with an answer. CPI is the expert in integrating facility spaces into solutions themselves, delivering on deployments to utilize free cooling air delivery architectures, and which combine security and airflow containment for colocation environments. With CPI, lack of access to purpose-built space is never an issue and CPI’s space-minded approaches to power distribution, network distribution, and cooling distribution will help maximize facility utilization and overcome architectural constraints.

Connect Equipment

A simple way to organize and manage equipment connections begin with clearly defined pathways for network cables. CPI’s solutions for managing cables from connection-to-connection include rack-mounted vertical and horizontal cable managers, as well as cable trays and runway which may be deployed in overhead spaces or under floors.

Quick Return on Investment/Reduce Energy Consumption

Utilizing airflow management strategies to isolate hot and cold air, CPI Passive Cooling Solutions provide the most cost effective and efficient thermal solutions on the market. Your investment in CPI technology optimizes mechanical plant efficiency and dramatically improves the return on investment for any free cooling technology, thereby providing both a near-term pay back and long-term capacity to grow.

Isolate Equipment

Because challenges in space, facility limitations and budget can impact your data center design and operation, CPI offers unique ways to isolate hot and cold air and make the most of your data center cooling with three levels of isolation/containment solutions: cabling level, cabinet level and aisle level. 

Protect Equipment

CPI provides a number of innovative solutions for protecting equipment. Electronic Locking Systems give the added protection of cabinet-level access control. CPI’s Wire Cage Enclosures create locked barriers around equipment perimeters - a key solution to keeping equipment secure in multi-tenant facilities. Finally, vital equipment is protected against ESD damage by CPI’s Grounding and Bonding products, which along with clearly defined metal pathways are an essential part of cabinet design and infrastructure.

Monitor Conditions

The ability to remotely monitor environmental conditions is key to identifying issues before they become a problem. CPI gives you the flexibility to remotely monitor, record and analyze environmental, security and safety conditions and solve ongoing issues.

Optimize Power Usage

High-density computing requires complex power distribution and constant monitoring and reporting of power conditions in the data center environment. CPI offers a wide range of power products that will help reduce the complexity of delivering power to equipment and advances power monitoring and reporting across the enterprise all the way down to the device level. Power solutions from CPI provide you with the intelligence to manage your all power distribution functions from almost anywhere.

Planning Assistance

Are you trying to solve a specific infrastructure issue or looking for ways to extend the life of an existing data center? If so, CPI can help you develop high performance data center designs that tightly integrate standard or customized CPI Products into a total design approach that delivers dramatically lower operating costs. Contact your local CPI sales person to discuss your specific data center needs. CPI offers:

  • Design and consultation services
  • Field experts collaborate on site for design concepts and needs assessment
  • State-of-the-art CFD analysis to assess and trouble-shoot cooling performance
  • AutoCAD plans and elevation drawings with a detailed BOM
  • Custom solutions to address specific requirements
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