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OSHPD Zone & Wireless Enclosures

CPI provides enclosures for telecommunications spaces outside of the traditional telecommunications room. These products can be attach to a wall, installed above drop ceilings or under raised floors. These products feature high-quality construction and design, small exterior dimensions to save space in tight areas, are enclosed for security and safety and are UL Listed. For more information about Zone & Wireless Enclosures, click here.

Base Part Number


 OPA Number

 Wireless Ceiling Enclosures
AAT-CAP 14.5"W x 12"L x 10"H Wireless Ceiling Enclosure OPA-0690-07
Pre-Approval | Calculation  
AAT-CAP-S 14.5"W x 12"L x 5"H Wireless Ceiling Enclosure OPA-0834-07
Pre-Approval | Calculation  
WA064-CAP 12.75"W x 10"L x 4"H Wireless Ceiling Enclosure OPA-1310-07
Pre-Approval | Calculation
 Zone Ceiling Enclosures for Patch Panels  
A1222-PP 2' x 2' Ceiling Enclosures OPA-0835-10
Pre-Approval | Calculation  
A1224-PP 2' x 4' Ceiling Enclosures OPA-0836-10
Pre-Approval | Calculation  
 Zone Wall-Mount Enclosures  
AAT-AWM-H Wall Mounted Zone Enclosure OPA-0837-07
Pre-Approval | Calculation  
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