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The below software supports a variety of CPI's power and electronic products. Select the appropriate software link below. For assistance please contact our Technical Support Team.

eConnect® Power Distribution Units

For use with all Monitored, Monitored Pro, Switched & Switched Pro PDUs with firmware versions Please call Technical Support if upgrading firmware on units with existing version 
 Software Download  Release  Date   Manual / Notes
 Firmware 3.2.136  04-07-2017 Use only with individual eConnect units with MCM3 or MCM2 controller; or if all units within Secure Array have MCM3 or MCM2 controllers.

Please read Release Notes for details.

Firmware 3.1.239 / 2.23.175  08-03-2016 Use only with individual eConnect units with MCM1 controller with existing firmware rev; or if any units within Secure Array have MCM1 controller with firmware rev.

Please read Release Notes for details.

 SNMP MIB File  04-07-2017  
 Legacy MIB File  08-01-2015  
 Firmware Upgrader  10-20-2016 Use when Mass Firmware Upgrades are performed over the network.

Read User Manual for details.

 Software Download  Release Date   Use With This Product
IP KVMs    
 Console Setup Software  11-11-2011   IP KVM Switch With Cat 5/6 Ports
  IP KVM Switch With DB15 Ports

 Additional Power Distribution Units 

 MIB Files  1-21-2013   P/N 356XX- and 358XX-series Monitored and Controlled PDUs
 Serial Access Program*  10-25-2010   P/N 356XX- and 358XX-series Monitored and Controlled PDUs 

 Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) 

 RIM-1000 Firmware **   7-14-2014  RIM-1000
 RIM-1000 MIB   7-14-2014  RIM-1000
 RIM-750 Firmware   automatically downloaded by device  RIM-750
 Protocol Converter Firmware  7-14-2014  RIM Protocol Converter
 Protocol Converter MIB  7-14-2014  RIM Protocol Converter

 Electronic Locking Systems 

 Control Software  1-24-2011   Electronic Locking System  
  Communications Module Firmware v.81  10-31-2008   Electronic Locking System 
 SNMP MIB v.21  10-31-2008   Electronic Locking System  


*Serial Software allows you to access, configure, monitor and control select PDUs using a direct serial connection to a computer. Use the RJ-45 to DB-9 Serial Setup Cable (P/N 35941-131) to connect the PDU and computer. Note that PDUs manufactured after September 1, 2009 can be configured using a java-enabled web browser instead of the serial setup.

**Please contact Technical Support at 800-834-4969 prior to installing the RIM-1000 Firmware.

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