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Click Here for CPI PUE CalculatorThe CPI PUE Calculator is a complimentary tool that provides you with the ability to determine your data center cost savings when combining CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions with today’s most effective cooling strategies including KyotoCooling, water-side economizers or evaporative air-side economizers.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a metric used to measure the energy efficiency of a data center. PUE is calculated by dividing the amount of power entering a data center by the power used to run the computer infrastructure within it. PUE is therefore expressed as a ratio, with overall efficiency improving as the quotient decreases toward 1.

The calculator requires your specific data such as power consumption and cost of electricity, then considers environmental variables (provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization) to determine the best possible PUE for your data center. 

Note: The CPI PUE Calculator requires you to log in to the CPI Website. 

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