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Wood Floor Installation Kit

CPI Part Number 40607-001 is an installation kit for use on wood floors.  It consists of four each of: flat washers, split washers,  and 3/8" lag screws.

wood floor instalation kit

Concrete Floor Installation Kits

CPI Part Number 40604-003 is an installation kit for use with concrete floors.  It includes four each of: 3/8" anchors, 3/8" threaded stud, flat washers, split washers, and hex nuts.

concrete floor instalation kit

2,000 lb Caster Set for T-Series

Casters make it easy to move the cabinet to quickly reconfigure your work space.

  • Front casters swivel; rear casters are fixed
  • Increases cabinet height by 4.25" (105 mm)
  • Attaches to the bottom of the cabinet frame; install casters prior to populating the cabinet
  • Casters include: (2) gussets iwth locking full-swivel casters (front), (2) reinforcement plates and fixed casters (rear), and installation hardware

2/23/2018 9:50:43 PM