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Electronic Locks Configure


Remote Infrastructure
Managment (RIM-600)

Remote monitoring of:

  • Environmental Conditions
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Heat and/or smoke
    • Presence of water
    • Presence of power
  • Security Status
    • Motion sensors
    • Normal open/closed
    • Range of conditions
    • Door open/closed
    • Network Camera
  • Power Conditions
    • Monitor and reset power remotely
  • Also includes:
    • Comprehensive accessory line
    • Host and Node Modules support up to eight sensors per module and poll, automatically, up to 64 IP addresses


 Electronic Locking System
for CPI Cabinets

  • Automate data center cabinet access control and monitoring
  • IP addressable system increases security
  • Assign and program individual user ID access codes
  • Access cabinets via a network-connected computer, keypad or proximity cards
  • Create a log entry for each access attempt and configuration change
  • Quickly update the system configuration and users privileges
  • Easily add modules as your network grows
  • Available for CPI's TeraFrame™ Cabinet System and Enhanced SteelFrame Cabinets

LCD KVM Configurator


LCD/KVM Console

  • Includes a 19” EIA rack-mount shelf with a 15”, 17” or 19” LCD display and a 106 key keyboard with a touch pad; uses only 1 RMU of rack-mount space
  • Connects to one, eight or 16 computers; multicomputer units include a keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) switch
  • Dual slides allow the LCD display and keyboard tray to open separately; the slides also lock in the closed position
  • Includes an internal universal power supply with an IEC 320 connector for international use; includes a power cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug
  • Use the LDC/KVM Console to connect to one, eight or sixteen computers. Choose a variety of sizes and a keyboard tray with built-in touch pad. 
  • Supports Dos, Windows (3.1, 9x, 2000, NT4, ME, XP, 2003 Server), Linux, Novell 3.12-6, HP UX and SUN operating systems
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