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CPI Data Center Seminar 2013 - Washington DC

When: Thursday, September 26, 2013 (all day)

Where: Washington DC


CPI Data Center Building Blocks for Efficiency and Reliability Seminar 2013 


A whole new set of buzzwords have attached to data centers over the past couple years – modular, containerized, productized, standard, pre-engineered. All created in an attempt to productize data centers. The problem, however, is how do you accommodate that one square peg - that side breathing switch, that 30kW rack, that odd-sized proprietary storage cabinet, that mixed voltage rack?

This seminar will present the latest state-of-the-art developments in precision cooling, airflow management, power distribution and protection and reveal the building blocks to realizing the deployment speed and reliability of pre-engineered modularity without sacrificing flexibility.

Topics include:

  • The Foundation: Cabinet and Containment Airflow Management
  • The IT Works Solution
  • Modularity in Data Centers
  • How a Reliable Smart Grid & High Efficiency UPS Improves Data Center Efficiency
  • Optimizing the Reliability and Efficiency of POD Cooling
  • The Benefits of Overhead Power Distribution in Mission Critical Facilities
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