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Seven Reasons to Choose Chatsworth Products

6/22/2016 9:57:47 AM


For the past 25 years, it has been our mission to address today’s critical IT infrastructure needs with products and services that protect your ever-growing investment in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Our distributors, resellers and end-users have trusted us to be their business partners in getting a competitive advantage unparalleled in the industry. 

Next time you need to address your data center with top products and services, think Chatsworth Products (CPI). Here are seven reasons to choose us:

1. Customization and customer focus

CPI’s engineering and manufacturing models enable the flexibility to create and alter products that solve unique problems and requirements such as equipment installation, airflow, power, cooling limitations and more.

2. Quality products and solutions

CPI delivers innovation, configurability, quality and value with a breadth of integrated system components covering virtually all physical layer needs of today’s IT infrastructure.

3. Global manufacturing and availability

CPI operates from multiple sites worldwide, including offices in Mexico, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, with manufacturing locations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Additionally, CPI’s products are readily available through a global network of industry-leading distributors.

4. High quality

Our products deliver reliable, structural support that exceeds customer expectations through innovation, functionality and performance. CPI products are known for their unsurpassed strength, durability and easy installation.

5. Exceptional service and support 

Our specialists can help you in selecting the right CPI products for your needs, to on-site visits to evaluate requirements to help you design the precise lay out for your data center, and much more.

6. Free online resources and tools

CPI offers several resources and tools to help you easily and efficiently plan and design projects to meet your deadlines and requirements. These tools include CPI Online Catalog, Product Configurator, BIM Models, CAD Blocks, CPI Mobile Apps and more.

7. Proven expertise

From the Regents Emirates Pearl Hotel in Abu Dhabi, to Telefônica Vivo, the largest integrated telecom in South America, to Oregon’s greenest multitenant data center, CPI has provided complete solutions that not only protect technology investments, but help companies achieve industry recognition, and meet today’s standards for green IT.

We are happy to delight our customers with quality products and services. As one happy peer puts it, “the Chatsworth name speaks for itself.”

To find out other reasons why you should choose CPI to protect your IT investments, download the brochure. For more information about CPI, visit the website

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Lifetime® Show Features Chatsworth Products’ Cable Management Solutions in IT Room with ‘Wow’ Factor

6/16/2016 11:32:37 AM

OfficeSpacesChatsworth Products (CPI) was recently featured in OfficeSpaces™, a Lifetime® network show that explores how to create well-designed office spaces. The show reveals the step-by-step renovation of BrandStar, an entertainment company that wanted to renovate its outdated office. CPI was brought in to provide the needed cable management support, reliability and flexibility for the company’s new high-tech IT room.

“The nervous system" of the entire building was renovated in the episode aired on May 26. As an entertainment company, BrandStar needed a highly functional and effective infrastructure capable of supporting all the cabling for voice, video and data systems.

CPI made it all possible with horizontal and vertical Evolution® Cable Managers and Cable Runway products.

“So this is the nervous center of your whole building right here.  And we are the bones to that nervous center,” explains Tom Cabral, CPI’s Product Application Specialist, RCDD, as he demonstrates why cable managers are paramount to ensuring the IT system works efficiently.

CPI Evolution Cable Manager is a great product for applications such as these because it features:

  • High-quality construction and design
  • Proper cable bend radii to ensure maximum performance of data transmission
  • Decreased potential cable damage
  • Easy cable moves, adds and changes
  • Prevention of tangled cords

OfficeSpaces and CPI share the same view in that a well-designed office should stimulate growth and employee productivity. 

“It looks great first of all. Second of all, it’s very functional. This is very well thought out, done neatly and organized. This is going to serve for years to come.” Cabral concludes.

Here’s the video showcasing the IT room installation and CPI’s vision in supporting the technology needed in the new high-tech office design with a “wow” factor. 

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist 

Chatsworth Products’ Solutions Are the Heart of Uruguay’s Biggest Data Center

6/14/2016 9:20:20 AM

Antel Data Center

The second smallest country in Latin America has achieved a big status in the IT industry. Uruguay now boasts one of the largest and most advanced data centers, being fourth in the continent to hold the coveted Tier III certification by Uptime Institute. Chatsworth Products (CPI) played a major role in this achievement.

Uruguay’s telecommunications giant, Antel, wanted to ensure the future and growing IT needs of the country’s population and businesses, stated Horacio Andrés Tolosa, Antel’s President, during his speech at the data center's opening ceremony. The company also wanted to be able to offer improved cloud and collocation capacity to its users.

With the help of CPI's expertise, Antel approved the design and construction of a world-class data center that is among the top on the planet. In fact, only 34 data centers today can claim a Tier III status for design and construction.

Antel Data CenterSince the beginning of the project, CPI’s Latin American team provided design consultancy, delivering seminars and training on concepts such as Passive Cooling®, Kyoto Cooling, data center architecture, security, networking, power and cooling, software, application, in addition to all of the infrastructure pieces that make up the data center, including:

“This project amplifies the solution options that CPI offers, showcasing our expertise in custom design and production, data center consultancy and the quality of our products, which gave Antel the reason to select the best brand in the market,” said Victor Bañuelos, CPI’s Technical Manager, CDCDP®, Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer and head of the project.

This investment will allow the company to save 40% in IT costs, 85% in operations and maintenance and 20% in energy, according to a company press release.

“We have the best place in Latin America to hold information and this is a great opportunity for the development of the IT industry in Uruguay,” Carolina Cosse, Minister of Industries, Energy and Mining, said in a speech at the opening ceremony.

Contact one of CPI's data center professionals to find out how CPI can help you achieve the ultimate data center solution, or click here for more information.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Contractor Finished Project on Time, Within Budget Thanks to CPI Support, Quality Products

6/7/2016 6:34:54 AM


Data center networking and storage network solution provider, QLogic, was expanding to a new office in Irvine, Calif., and needed dedicated space for its growing telecommunications equipment, so it contacted network and construction expert, PacifiCom, to help with the project. 

Sturdy cable support, product availability and aesthetics were very important to QLogic, so PacifiCom recommended Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) OnTrac® Wire Mesh Cable Tray in Glacier White and Two-Post Racks with integrated grounding.

“CPI products are exceptionally built and have the looks to match. And most of our distributors stock the day-to-day components regularly.” Mike Ryan, Sales Manager at PacifiCom says.

A big challenge was to install and level 300 ft of the cable tray around the ceiling space, but feedback from PacifiCom’s technicians who installed it were positive.

“They appreciate the flexibility/accessories CPI offers to install products in environments with less than ideal situations. Other manufacturers have limited installation parameters and do not fit all applications,” Aldo Andrade, PacifiCom’s sales representative explains.

As always, CPI’s support team worked closely with PacifiCom in the project, expediting orders and ensuring the budget would remain intact. 

“Phone calls and emails were returned in timely manners and system design assistance was amazing,” Andrade added.

As a result, the project was complete on time and within budget. And PacifiCom and CPI have customers that are more than satisfied. 

Below is a suggested solution set for similar applications that you can order directly from our CPI Online Catalog:

The CPI Online Catalog contains all of CPI’s standard products. Use the catalog to create a cart and send it to one of our many global distributor partners for immediate ordering.  

Create your own success story using CPI products. Visit the CPI Online Catalog today.

Here are a few pictures of the finished project:


Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

U.S. Government Requesting Lower PUE, DCIM Implementation in Federal Data Centers

6/6/2016 7:52:08 AM

Hostirian Cold Aisle ContainmentThe U.S. government recently requested lower Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) for its data centers by deploying data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, as part of cost savings and improvements referenced in its Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). This is part of a broader plan implemented in 2011, which requires all federal data centers be consolidated to cut costs and improve efficiencies.

In March, federal Chief Information Officer, Tony Scott, introduced the following criteria:

  • All new data center builds or expansions will be halted unless approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
  • A move to shared services or colocation facilities where possible
  • Adoption of cloud services whenever possible
  • A minimum PUE of 1.5 for existing facilities and 1.4 or even lower in new builds
  • Use of DCIM software to help improve overall efficiency and drive server utilization

Simply put, federal data centers must demonstrate improved power, space and cooling over time. As a result, IT government managers will likely look for products that provide this information thoroughly. These latest government actions validate the industry trend as a whole.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) provides a three-pronged approach that can help not only IT government, but any data center manager achieve an effective system. 


Data centers can lower their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) by isolating hot/cold air through Aisle Containment

CPI offers four configurations of Containment (Build to Spec Kit Hot Aisle Containment (HAC), Cabinet Supported HAC, Frame Supported HAC and Cabinet Supported Cold Aisle Containment) with high seal for minimal inside/outside pressure difference, which allows optimization of fan speeds to minimize energy use.

Benefits of CPI Aisle Containment include:

  • Reduces cost
  • Eliminates hot spots 
  • Supports heat and power densities up to 30kW per cabinet
  • Effectively uses 100% of supplied air
  • Reduces waste of chilled bypass air 
  • Improves CRAC efficiencies due to higher supply-to-return temperature differences
  • Allows increased room temperature and higher set points on cooling equipment

Monitoring at the rack/device level 

CPI eConnect® power distribution units (PDUs) provide reliable power distribution and monitoring of power and environment. Featuring one of the highest temperature ratings in the market, eConnect PDUs are a future-proof solution for the consolidation and high optimization of servers (higher heat in racks). 

Benefits include:

  • Monitoring at the device level provides true power in values for each device, which can be matched to workloads using software.
  • Secure Array™ IP Consolidation reduces the costs associated with multiple IP addresses and enhance system reliability through advanced failover technology.
  • Select models feature built-in web interface with many key DCIM software that accepts SNMP v1, v2 and v3.

DCIM Software

A real-time interactive data center health map of critical infrastructure including CRACs, UPSs, floor PDUs, racks, rack PDUs, IT devices, etc. improves uptime by letting data center managers being aware of incidents before they become problems.

CPI offers Power IQ® for eConnect, which not only provides a relative measure of facility power versus overall IT equipment power, enabling efficiency identification and improvement, but also includes crucial features such as:

  • User configurable dashboard
  • Smart rack view
  • Cooling chart
  • Power capacity forecast charts
  • PUE gauge
  • Power and energy analytics
  • Failover simulation chart


According to the OMB, the federal government owned more than 10,000 data centers and server rooms in 2015. By 2018, 25% of all tiered and 60% of all nontiered data centers are required to be closed. Agencies are also required to prioritize the closure of data centers that are unable to meet applicable PUE targets and/or pose management or security challenges due to age.

The trend is undeniable. Power efficiency and cooling are and will remain top priorities for years to come, especially as the smaller data centers consolidate or move to more robust colocation spaces. 

Whether you are designing a new data center or enhancing an existing one, look for manufacturers that provide solutions based on your specific needs, especially ones that can help you:

  • Maximize efficiency of data center cooling and energy consumption
  • Keep equipment connected with efficient power distribution
  • Monitor conditions such as power, environment and security

To learn more about solutions for a highly efficient data center, click here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Chatsworth Products Celebrates 25 Years of Providing Quality Solutions that Protect Valuable Technology Investments

6/2/2016 9:23:38 AM


Chatsworth Products (CPI) is celebrating 25 years of business this month. We have reached this milestone through a strong commitment to quality, excellence and innovation that has protected valuable technology investments throughout the globe.

CPI was founded on June 27, 1991, when 90 employees joined together and bought out the Dracon Division of Harris Corp. using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). What began as a limited portfolio of racks, runway and accessories, has grown to more than 90,000 standard products that make up a complete data center system. 

This forward-thinking spirit is what motivates CPI to delight its customers by rapidly responding with tailored standard and custom solutions that give them a higher return on investment. For example, CPI’s groundbreaking Passive Cooling® technology resulted in a shift in the way companies designed and managed their data centers. 

Unparalleled Customization

CPI’s expert engineering team and agile manufacturing practices have enabled the company to meet customers’ changing needs with a level of customization uncommon in the industry.

This level of personalization continues to be a fundamental part of the company’s success and is what drives innovation to its product lines. For us, every product design begins with meeting a customer’s need. 

From the Regents Emirates Pearl Hotel in Abu Dhabi to Telefônica Vivo, the largest integrated telecom in South America, to Oregon’s greenest Tier III colocation data center, CPI has provided complete solutions that not only protect technology equipment, but help companies meet today’s standards for green IT.

Today, CPI has engineering, manufacturing and sales offices across the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

To find out more about CPI’s history and company information, visit the website. Here are a few pictures of this incredible journey. 


Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist 

CPI Universal, Standard Racks Are Now OSHPD Preapproved

5/31/2016 6:50:37 AM

Rack SystemsChatsworth Products (CPI) provides a variety of products that hold the Office Statewide Health Planning & Development’s (OSHPD) preapproval of manufacturer's certification (OPM) so that the stringent installation and permit processes in seismic regions can be expedited. We recently obtained OPM for our popular Universal Rack and Two-Post Standard Rack.

With the OPM certification, our racks guarantee that the supports and attachments are properly addressed for seismic requirements. 

CPI open racks are top-performing solutions for mounting IT equipment in computer rooms and data centers that do not require enclosure systems. Besides providing unrestricted airflow and easy access to cables, our open racks are made with sturdy material that holds high capacity loads. 

Universal Rack

  • Heavy-duty two-post rack with a 3”D (76 mm) mounting channel
  • 19” and 23” EIA rack-mount widths
  • 3’ to 9’H (0.9 m to 2.7 m)
  • 1500 lb (680.4 kg) static load rating
  • Integrated grounding features
  • UL Listed 

Standard Rack  

  • 3”D (80 mm) or 6”D (150 mm) mounting channel
  • 19” EIA rack-mount width
  • 7’, 8’ and 9’H (2.1 m, 2.4 m and 2.7 m)
  • 1000 lb (453.6 kg) static load rating
  • Integrated grounding features
  • UL Listed 

The OPM program is a voluntary program that reviews and pre-approves the seismic design of supports and attachments for nonstructural components to be used in the construction of health care facilities in California. OPM should be referenced in Construction Documents for California Building Code 2013 based projects and may also be used for guidance in International Building Code 2012 based projects outside of California.

CPI is actively working to expand its portfolio of OPM pre-approved products. To access the most current listing, please visit CPI's list of approved products.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

It’s Time to Update Your CPI Mobile App Suite

5/26/2016 12:10:50 PM

CPI Mobile AppThe CPI Mobile App Suite has been updated to include a variety of recently released products and features. It is now available through the Apple App Store (Version 2.5) and Google Play Store (Version 2.4).

Each of the five individual applications within the suite have been updated. Updates include:

  • Cabinet, Containment & Enclosure – Now includes EF-Series EuroFrame™ Cabinet System (available in Europe only).

  • eConnect PDUs – Vertical configurations are now available with Click Secure Locking Outlets, which help prevent accidental disconnections.

  • Wall-Mount Cabinets – Now includes the Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet, an enclosed cabinet that provides added security outside of the data room.

  • Cable Runway & Wire Mesh Tray – Now includes the highly flexible Adjustable Cable Runway, Tool-less Cross Member Radius Drop, Tool-less Stronger Radius Drop and Tool-less Pathway Dividers.

  • Cable Fill – Now includes product images (Pro tip: To see the product image, simply click on the i icon at the right of the screen of the selected product).

If you need to access any product documentation or installation instructions, you can quickly go to the CPI Online Catalog from the main frame of the CPI Mobile App Suite. There, you’ll have access to all necessary documentation and other free tools that can save you valuable time.

Click here to download the CPI Mobile App Suite for Apple devices, or here to download it for Android devices. For more information on our design tools for mobile devices, visit our website.

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Is Your Data Center Ready for the Internet of Things?

5/24/2016 11:45:10 AM

Join Us at BICSI UK in London

Is Your Data Center Ready for the Internet of Things? 

Luca Rozzoni, Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) Sr. Product Manager for Europe, will answer this question during the 2016 BICSI UK & Ireland, June 22, at the Barbican Conference Center in London, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

His presentation, “The Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled by Resourceful Data Center Thermal Management Strategies,” will describe how the IoT is causing network connectivity to become more complex.  As a result, IT networks that are willing to support the rapid expansion of IoT need to be smarter and function more efficiently. Additionally, data center operators will also need to rethink the way capacity and efficiency are managed. 

Rozzoni will also discuss what organizations need to consider to achieve thermal efficiencies in data centers, as well as how to mitigate risks, reduce power usage and increase floor space with thermal management strategies, such as Passive Cooling® technology from CPI. Rozzoni has been in the telecommunications industry for over 16 years is also a BICSI-registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD).

Date & Location

Wednesday, 22 June

CPI Presentation: 2 p.m.

The Barbican Conference Centre in London

To register to attend the BICSI event, click here. To learn more about data center products and solutions, visit the website.

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Chatsworth Products Canada Celebrates Five Years in Business

5/20/2016 7:31:30 AM

Canadian office opening May 2012Another important milestone marks Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) successful history this year: our Canadian branch celebrates five years helping companies in the Great White North to protect their technology investments.

As an employee-owned company that continues to grow on a global scale, CPI’s Canada office has become the best local resource for IT infrastructure products and solutions.

Located in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan, Ontario, the state-of-the-art Product Showroom and Customer Conference Center is a generously equipped base of operations for meeting all of Canada’s most pressing IT needs. 

During these past five years, we have hosted more than 1,200 industry professionals and helped companies successfully accomplish their IT infrastructure projects.

Celebrate with Us – June 22 & 23

So, as a thank you for being partners in our accomplishments, our staff is preparing a two-day event filled with food, fun and prizes, including a $500 gift card each day.

Event: Open House/BBQ 

Date(s): Wednesday and Thursday, June 22 and 23 

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 

Location: Chatsworth Products
81 Zenway Blvd., Unit 1, Vaughan, Ontario

If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP by June 10, or by calling 905-880-7770. Don't forget to Like our page on Facebook to see some photos of our Canadian office in action.

Here’s to an exciting future for Chatsworth Products in Canada!

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist  

New Power IQ® for eConnect® Enables Advanced Data Center Power Monitoring

5/18/2016 9:35:23 AM

Power IQChatsworth Products (CPI) proudly announces Power IQ®, a software solution compatible with CPI eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for advanced data center monitoring. Power IQ for eConnect is a co-branded collaboration with Sunbird Software, an innovator in software solutions that simplify data center management.

This joint solution provides data center managers with a robust yet simplified monitoring capability, allowing them to optimize power efficiencies and metrics such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), bill for energy and power capacity. 

Power IQ for eConnect complements CPI’s eConnect rack-mount PDUs by adding intelligence and analytics to the physical infrastructure, creating a smarter data center environment that has the ability to deliver substantial cost savings while improving the delivery of critical business applications, according to Jennifer Cooke, Research Director, IDC.

“Chatsworth Products is pleased to offer our global customers a market proven tool that provides critical insight and reporting across the entire power infrastructure,” stated Ted Behrens, Executive Vice President of Global Engineering, Product Management & Marketing for CPI.

Power IQ for eConnect provides a single pane of glass to make it easier to automatically manage the condition and capacity of data centers via monitoring critical infrastructure devices including CPI's eConnect PDUs, as well as many other manufacturers’ CRACs, UPSs, PDUs, RPPs, meters, branch circuits, racks, rack PDUs and environment sensors.

Additionally, Power IQ supports CPI’s Secure Array™ IP Consolidation, which allows users to link up to 32 eConnect PDUs under a single IP address using standard Ethernet cables, reducing time and costs. Power IQ for eConnect software can be easily deployed as a standalone Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution.

Power IQ for eConnect is available worldwide through CPI’s network of global distribution, reseller, contractor and system integrator partners. To take a test drive, visit the product page.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist


Earn BICSI Credits at Free Seminar: Latest Data Center and Cabling Trends, Technologies

5/16/2016 7:53:47 AM

Scripps Case Study Join Chatsworth Products (CPI) and Corning on June 9 for a free one-day seminar sponsored by the Elite Advantage Program to discuss the latest trends and technologies in data centers and local area networks (LANs). The event will take place at the Santa Clara Marriott, in Santa Clara, Calif.

Sessions run from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. PDT and qualify for BICSI continuing education credits (CECs). Seating is limited so please ensure that you register by the deadline on May 26.

Topics include:

  • Transceiver technology roadmap and solutions
  • Local area network (LAN) design 
  • Base 8 cabling advantages and wide band multi-mode fiber
  • IT equipment availability and low cost of operation with CPI data center solutions

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Also, an interactive product symposium will be taking place, where you will have the opportunity to speak with leading technology experts. 

For the complete agenda and to register, click here.  

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

2016 CPI Product Catalog Now Available

5/6/2016 11:38:04 AM

2016 Product CatalogChatsworth Products (CPI) is pleased to announce the release of the 2016 CPI Product Catalog, which includes the latest CPI infrastructure innovations since the 2015 edition.

New products include:

eConnect® PDUs
with Locking Outlets

Patent-pending Click Secure Technology locks straight power cords into place, reducing the chances of accidental power disconnection.

Adjustable Cable Runway

Features unique, movable Cross Members that allow components and accessories to be installed at various points along the runway, simplifying the alignment of cabling above racks, cabinets and cable managers.

Standard Wall-Mount Cabinets

Designed to protect and secure network and telecommunications equipment at remote or smaller locations.

Wire Cage Enclosure

Creates a security partition around your equipment in shared facility spaces. 

The CPI Mini Catalog App is currently being updated to match the CPI print catalog, and we will announce these updates as soon as they are ready.

Request a print copy, or download a PDF copy now (20 MB).

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Chatsworth Products eConnect® PDUs Now Available in Horizontal Configuration

5/5/2016 9:23:50 AM


Horizontal eConnect PDUsChatsworth Products (CPI) now offers horizontal versions of its popular eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Horizontal eConnect PDUs provide the ability to mount PDUs in the rack horizontally in situations when it is beneficial to have outlets at the top or bottom of cabinets for quick access.

Available in Monitored and Switched PDU functionalities, Horizontal eConnect PDUs allow users to monitor power at the branch phase level, or switch outlets on and off at the outlet level. A variety of plug and outlet choices are available.

Horizontal eConnect PDUs are ideal for medium- to low-density telecommunications and premise equipment rooms that require fewer connections. Horizontal PDUs are 2U with 10-12 outlets, and include 19-inch EIA mounting brackets for easy installation.

Key functionalities include:

  • Ability to monitor and control power remotely
  • Secure Array™ Technology allows up to 32 PDUs to be connected under a single IP address
  • Threshold setting feature notifies users when power, temperature or humidity reach low or high critical levels
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring are possible when equipped with optional probes (2 per PDU)
  • Switched Models allow for prevention of accidental or unauthorized power use, as users have the ability to force outlets off

CPI Horizontal eConnect PDUs provide the ultimate solution for cabinet level power distribution in telecommunications rooms. eConnect PDUs are made in the United States to provide you with quick delivery of quality products. Preinstallation and customization is also available without extended lead times.

Download the Monitored or the Switched Data Sheet, for more information.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Protect Your Business. Monitor and Control Your Rack Power Anytime, Anywhere.

5/3/2016 5:56:14 AM

RD&T Product Showroom Entrance

A reliable network is foundational to the success of every business, so it’s vital to keep all IT equipment powered at all times so that employees—even those in remote locations—have equal access to all business applications, information and tools.

With fewer resources available, small to medium-sized companies are now relying on remote or colocation data centers to house their IT assets. While colocation providers deliver and maintain most of the upstream electrical infrastructure, rack power distribution often times is the responsibility of customers themselves. 

With the right solution, business owners can still have insight into crucial power usage that ultimately affects their bottom line.

Rack power distribution units (PDUs) that allow users to remotely monitor power availability, usage and the overall health of equipment, while letting them take action remotely are key IT assets for today’s small and medium businesses. A huge financial benefit, for example, is to be able to remotely recycle power to hung up equipment or to turn equipment off when not in use through a rack PDU with monitoring and switching capabilities. 

Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) intelligent eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs) deliver business owners the peace of mind that their assets are well protected. eConnect PDUs allow IT managers to remotely monitor and control power from one location using LAN or SNMP, ensuring continual power delivery regardless of location. 

eConnect PDUs vary from basic sources of power to highly intelligent units that are capable of handling multiple functions such as continuous monitoring of voltage, current, power and power factor measurements for total PDU usage, alarm threshold setting, temperature and humidity setup, and more. 

Advantages include:

  • Intelligent Remote Monitoring - eConnect includes a browser-based interface with features that allow remote monitoring of PDUs and outlets, grouped devices view, thresholds setting, metrics logging, alarm notification setup and more.
  • Disconnection Protection - Patent-pending Click Secure Locking Outlet technology locks straight power cords into place, reducing the chances of accidental power disconnection. 
  • Secure Array™ IP Consolidation - Save money and reduce installation time by linking up to 32 PDUs under one IP address.
  • Switching Capability - PDUs with switching capabilities enable users to remotely switch on and off, and recycle power at each outlet, thus minimizing disruptions. 
  • Horizontal Configuration - Available in Monitored and Switched models.
  • Easy Installation - Universal tool-less mounting and complimentary preinstallation options are available with all cabinet orders.
  • Integrated environmental monitoring. eConnect provides capability to attach temperature and humidity sensors to constantly monitor vital environmental parameters that could affect IT equipment performance and availability.

From basic, monitored and switched models, eConnect is the intelligent solution for businesses that want to ensure their power can support today’s needs and the unknown challenges of the future.

Visit the CPI Online Catalog to browse and compare CPI’s full line of intelligent PDUs.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist 

Earn BICSI Continuing Education Credits with Chatsworth Products Courses

4/28/2016 7:58:38 AM

RD&T Product Showroom EntranceChatsworth Products (CPI) conducts a variety of in-person training courses that are recognized for BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to help BICSI credential holders in the data center industry expand their knowledge base, and keep their credentials up to date. Courses take place year-round in various locations throughout the world.

CPI's expert training services are mobile, meaning we can bring the training straight to you for personalized, educational sessions on-site. Shown in the picture is a recent on-site training performed in Chicago.

These courses are presented by CPI’s highly-trained and experienced professionals. Many of our employees hold various industry certifications and participate on advisory boards and technical committees. In order to receive CECs, attendees must take classes in person.

BICSI-approved courses include:
  • Benefits for Data Center Advanced Airflow Management – 1 credit 
  • Implications of ASHRAE Guidelines on Data Center Design – 2 credits 
  • Operational Benefits of Data Center Airflow Containment – 1 credit 
  • Optimum Data Center Temperature – 3 credits 
  • The Foundation: Cabinet and Containment Airflow Management – 1 credit 
  • Updated Economics of Airflow Management (Advanced) – 2 credits 
  • Ramifications of ASHRAE Guidelines on Data Center Design – 1 credit

Training Locations

CPI boasts state-of-the-art training facilities at its offices around the world. Our Research, Development & Training (RD&T) center in Georgetown, Texas, offers a fully equipped training center for effectively training CPI employees, partners and customers. Up to 125 guests can enjoy a complete audio visual experience. 

In Mexico City, we provide trainings at our Centro de Diseno y Alta Tecnologia (CDAT), where you can get hands-on interaction with our latest products. In-person trainings are also conducted at our Canada, U.K. and Shanghai offices.

For full course descriptions, visit the CPI Training Page. For more information about CPI's training services and calendar, or to schedule training in your area, simply contact your local CPI Sales Manager or Pam Bunn, CPI’s Training Manager.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Tools to Help You Select the Right eConnect® PDU

4/25/2016 11:57:52 AM

Chatsworth Products (CPI) recently introduced two new tools that will make your eConnect® Power Distribution Unit (PDU) selection process a lot easier. Additionally, a handful of other tools have been updated to include the latest features such as Click Secure Technology, which prevents accidental disconnections, and Secure Array™ IP Consolidation, allowing users to link up to 32 PDUs under a single IP address.

eConnect PDU Overview (NEW)

Get a high-level overview of the main features, including Secure Array IP consolidation, temperature ratings, intelligent monitoring, outlet capability and more. High-quality images allow you to visualize local features such as LCD screen display, serial ports and outlets, or view an installation of eConnect within a cabinet.
If you need assistance selecting which model of eConnect is right for your application, this is the tool you need. The eConnect Quick Reference Guide makes product selection easier by providing side-by-side comparisons of key features, dimensions and more. Example part numbers and recommended accessories are also listed.
The eConnect PDU Product Selector is a simple and user-friendly tool that lets you choose your eConnect PDU according to your power requirements. This tool allows you to narrow down options based on your requirements, compare up to four PDUs at once, and then email or print the results.
This document provides minimum composition requirements and installation methods for the eConnect PDUs.

Data Sheets (Updated)
Access the product page for complete data sheets for each model of eConnect PDU, and learn more about their characteristics, key features, specifications, components, dimensions, and ordering information.  
The easy-to-use Product Configurator guides you through the steps and selections necessary to add a power product to your enclosure before it ships. 

eConnect Software Demo 
Gain a better understanding of the built-in eConnect software. This software demo allows you to test the intuitive functionality of the eConnect product line. Navigate the browser-based software and learn more about individual features such as branch and outlet power measurement, alarm states, outlet grouping, and more.

For more information and to access these tools, visit the eConnect product page.

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Free Event: Data Center Expert Ian Seaton to Present on High-Performance Data Centers in Austin

4/21/2016 11:52:23 AM

Chatsworth Products (CPI) Global Technology Consultant, Ian Seaton, will present “High-Performance Data Center for High-Performance Building” during the High-Performance Building + Workplaces Conference, May 3 – 4 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.

Seaton will discuss ASHRAE guidelines and research studies for a data center design decision process resulting in lowest total cost of ownership and optimum energy efficiency. The session will take place May 3 at 3:10 p.m. in Room 9A.

More specifically, Seaton will discuss how to:

  • Articulate the differences between comfort cooling and data center cooling
  • Apply the different data center class temperature thresholds to the process of evaluating relative merits of competing design concepts
  • De-couple inherent power usage effectiveness (PUE) errors from total building energy use estimates
  • Calculate the impact on computer equipment reliability of specific building design strategies

Don’t forget to visit CPI at Booth 410 to talk to our experts about the latest solutions for a sustainable and efficient data center.

Register for this free event here.

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Four Products Added to the OSHPD List of Pre-Approval of Manufacturer's Certification

4/18/2016 12:55:38 PM

OSHPD Pre-Approval OPA Documents from CPIChatsworth Products (CPI) recently obtained pre-approval of Manufacturer's Certification (OPM) from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) for the following four popular products: 

The OPM program is a voluntary program for review and pre-approval of seismic design of supports and attachments for nonstructural components to be used in health facilities construction in California. OPM should be referenced in Construction Documents for California Building Code 2013 based projects and may also be used for guidance in International Building Code 2012 based projects outside of California.

CPI also holds Pre-Approval of Anchorage (OPA) numbers and for several of our IT infrastructure products. However, the OPA program was discontinued March 1, 2013. Existing OPAs can be used for projects based on the code cycle under which OPAs were approved.

Reduce OSHPD approval cycle and keep your projects on track by specifying an OPM pre-approved product.

CPI will continue to submit equipment to OSHPD to obtain additional OPM number designations for CPI Products. To view the entire list of OPM and OPA approved products, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

International Events: Chatsworth Products to Exhibit at BICSI Canada, BICSI Andino

4/13/2016 12:59:51 PM

BICSIChatsworth Products (CPI) invites you to two international BICSI Conferences in May. Visit Booth 315 at the 2016 BICSI Canadian Conference & Exhibition in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, May 2-5 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre. Or, if you’re down in South America, CPI will be at DataNet Bicsi Andino, in Bogota, Colombia, May 4-5 at Booth 304.

By attending these events, you can gain insight into technologies and local industry trends, as well as network with peers from all over the world. Also, learn about CPI latest releases such as: 

  • eConnect® Power Distribution Units – Now include Click Secure Locking Outlet options to help prevent accidental disconnections. Additionally, Secure Array IP Consolidation™ is now available, allowing the use of a single IP address for up to 32 connected PDUs.
  • Adjustable Cable Runway – Features unique, movable Cross Members, which allow components and accessories to be installed at various points along the runway, simplifying the alignment of cabling above racks, cabinets and cable managers.
  • Two-Post Racks with Cable Management – CPI’s industry-leading Two-Post racks support equipment and cabling with unsurpassed strength, stability and durability.  

At BICSI Andino, Victor Bañuelos, CPI’s Technical Manager, CDCDP™, Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer, will discuss the comparison of various data center cooling systems such as Hot Aisle Containment, Cold Aisle Containment and Vertical Exhaust Ducts.

CPI participates in a variety of industry events throughout the globe to share knowledge, present new products and network with customers. Contact our local offices in Mexico and Canada for more information on these events. 

Don’t forget to like and visit our Facebook page to see pictures of the latest shows, including Data Centre World, which is taking place this week in London.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist