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CPI Updates Cable Runway Radius Bend and E-Bend

11/25/2014 9:21:32 AM

Radius BendChatsworth Products (CPI) just updated two of its signature Cable Runway products—Radius Bend and E-Bend—to include additional widths to fit all the available widths of CPI’s Cable Runway.

CPI Cable Runway Bends and Radius Drops maintain gradual bends so that cable signal quality is preserved, as per Category 5/5e/6 requirements.

Cable Runway E-Bends create a 90-degree gradual sweep for horizontal plane cable runway runs. CPI Cable Runway Radius Bend are used to maintain a gradual cable bend for cascading cable runs. 

Both products are now available in widths ranging from 4” (100 mm) to 36” (910 mm).

Visit the product page for more information. An updated cable fill document and Cable Pathway Quick Reference Guide are also available.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist


CPI 2014 Holiday Hours

11/21/2014 12:28:56 PM

Happy HolidaysThe employee owners at Chatsworth Products (CPI) are thankful for a fruitful year among customers, partners, suppliers, and co-workers.

As the holiday season approaches, please take note of our holiday schedule.

Holiday schedule for CPI U.S. operations:

  • Nov. 27–28: Closed
  • Dec. 23: Last shipping day
  • Dec. 31–Jan.1, 2015: Closed
  • Jan. 2, 2015 – All functions resume 

Holiday schedule for CPI European operations:

  • Dec. 24, Noon –Jan. 5, 2015: Closed
  • Dec. 19: Last shipping day
  • Jan. 6, 2015 – All functions resume

CPI Customer Service and Technical Support teams will be available to assist you Dec. 26, 29 and 30. Please contact us at 1-800-834-4969 during this time.

From all CPI employee owners, we wish you a happy holiday season. We look forward to many new and encouraging opportunities with you in the New Year!

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

New CPI Vertical Cable Manager Size Addresses Growing Cable Needs

11/17/2014 12:37:42 PM

Cable_Ring_for_GVCS.jpgYou can now support and organize larger bundles of high-performance cables with the newly available 10-inch wide Global Vertical Cabling Section (GVCS) and cable rings.

High-performance cables such as Category 6A, for example, are heavier and larger in diameter than their counterparts, so cable managers that will house these cables should be large enough to accommodate them.

The GVCS is an adaptable vertical cable management solution with a unique, two-piece design that reduces shipping size and cost.

CPI’s Cable Rings create a separate cable path on back of the GVCS to organize cables for a neat, professional installation. The rings can be added to the back of the single-side managers to create a front and rear pathway for cables.

For more information on the GVCS and Cable Rings, download the cut sheet.
Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist 

CPI's Mobile Apps Just Got More Convenient

11/13/2014 1:25:47 PM

CPI'S Mini Catalog AppChatsworth Products’ (CPI) offers two mobile apps to assist our customers who are on the go in selecting or accessing information about our products. 

For added convenience, you can now push your list of selected products from the Mini Catalog App to the bill of material (BOM) feature on the Mobile App Suite.

This way you only have to submit one BOM list with all the products you need.

The Mini Catalog App for iPads is one of our most popular tools for information on accessories, cable management, grounding and bonding, etc. 

Whether you have an Apple or Android device, use the CPI Mobile App Suite to determine cable fill, select server or wall-mount cabinets, identify the best power distribution unit (PDU) and create bills of material (BOM) for cable pathway.

For more information on CPI’s mobile apps, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Chatsworth Products Participates in Clean Technology Event

11/11/2014 10:26:51 AM

CPI Energy Efficiency Solutions

Chatsworth Products (CPI) recently participated in a panel discussion on the advancements of clean technology innovation at the California State University, Northridge (CSUN). 

Business leaders and proponents of clean technology shared their views on ways to create a cleaner and more stable environment. 

Representing CPI at “Advancing Cleantech Innovation in the San Fernando Valley” was Jose Blanco, Plant Manager at our California manufacturing facility. Also included in the panel were California State Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills), California Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra (D-Pacoima), Andrew McAllister, California Energy commissioner; and others.

As a pioneer in energy-efficient solutions for the data center, CPI is proud to have become an industry leader in the topic. Our Passive Cooling® Solutions, the most cost-effective and cooling-effective thermal management solution on the market, continue to push the envelope when it comes to effectively reducing data center energy costs.

During the eight years Blanco has worked at CPI, he has continued to highlight the value of education, experience, environmental responsibility and has pushed the capacities in manufacturing to meet the energy challenges of the new millennium. 

CPI also participates on standards committees and recommends accepted industry best practices of The Green Grid, AFCOM, ASHRAE, TIA and more to fulfill its commitment to true energy efficiency. To learn more about our energy efficiency solutions, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Get a $300 Discount off the Industry-Leading Gartner Conference with CPI's Code

11/6/2014 9:39:31 AM Gartner Conference 2014

Chatsworth Products (CPI) will participate in one of the industry’s top events, Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference 2014, Dec. 2-5 in Las Vegas.

The event focuses on today’s most important infrastructure and operations topics, trends and technologies. 

As such, CPI will display its latest cutting-edge solutions—the N-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Network Cabinet with a Vertical Exhaust Duct and Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) System products.

Taking equipment management one step further, the N-Series TeraFrame supports the deployment of different sized devices within one cabinet without the need for additional accessory kits, while providing complete airflow isolation. Optimum cooling and airflow are achieved with the Vertical Exhaust Duct, which isolates, redirects and recycles hot exhaust air from the cabinet.

On the environmental monitoring front, CPI will display its new RIM-1000, RIM-750 and RIM Protocol Converter, which give users the ability to remotely monitor, record and analyze environmental security and safety conditions in data centers and equipment rooms.

Promo Code: DC33SP47 

By using CPI’s exclusive promo code DC33SP47, you will be able to get a $300 discount off the event registration fee.  

Go here to register for the event using CPI’s promo code. 

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Swedish Data Center Professionals Visit CPI’s RD&T Center

11/3/2014 7:46:22 AM

BLOG-Swedish-Visit.jpgChatsworth Products’ (CPI) Research, Development & Training (RD&T) Center in Georgetown, Texas, recently had the pleasure of hosting a group of IT professionals from a Swedish association of physical computer environment, EKO.

The group visited the country to learn about data center design trends and best practices. The RD&T Center offers visitors the ability to observe real-world data center thermal testing and allows CPI to perform top-notch in-house product testing. 

In addition to visiting CPI’s RD&T Center, the group visited Anixter’s headquarters in Glenview, Ill., and data centers from United Airlines, Digital Reality and Orlando Health, all of which include CPI products.

Their last stop was Orlando and a visit to the Orlando Health data center, where CPI cabinets with Vertical Exhaust Ducts are installed.  

“The visit to Orlando Health appeared to be well received. A lot of the discussion centered around how they were operating the space and some of the design challenges,” CPI Senior Data Center Consultant, Steven Bornfield, who accompanied the group, said.

CPI invites you to visit our RD&T Center, speak with our staff and get a hands-on look at our products. For more information, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Join Us for Special Webinar on Airflow Management November 13

10/30/2014 9:16:47 AM Cabling Installation and Maintenance CIM

Chatsworth Products, (CPI) will participate in the Cabling Installation and Maintenance Webcast: "Achieving Effective Airflow Management in Challenging Networks," next Thursday, November 13 at 1pm Eastern.

Webcast Description:

A data center truly is an ecosystem of interrelated and interdependent technologies, the performance of each one affecting the others in some way. Professionals administering these data centers are tasked with the challenge of maintaining balance within this ecosystem. This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, addresses three elements of the data center ecosystem—fiber-optic infrastructure for the network’s computing functions, thermal management within such a computing environment, and the supply of power to network-computing devices throughout a facility.

Ian Seaton, CPI Global Technology Consultant, will be conducting a presentation on how to maintain efficient airflow, while also realizing the advantages of non-standard-breathing networking equipment.

Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager

See How eConnect® PDUs Can Contribute to Data Center Availability

10/27/2014 12:09:30 PM

CPI Power Management ProductsChatsworth Products’ (CPI) eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs) play an important role in supporting data center availability.

eConnet PDUs have certain features that make power management at the rack level intuitive, effective and reliable, all of which are crucial in Tier III operations and beyond.

According to Victor Bañuelos, Technical Manager for Latin America and an Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer, Tier applications, particularly in Tier III and IV, data center designers must ensure that all mechanical and electrical systems are concurrently maintainable or fault-tolerant. This means that an alternate power feed should be present in case of main circuit failure or maintenance events. 

At the rack level, IT equipment must be connected to two different and independent power sources for redundancy. Although Uptime Institute Tier system does not address equipment and technology specification, the following features of CPI eConnect PDUs will help users avoid failures, achieve overall data center reliability and properly prepare for maintenance operations without disturbing the system’s uptime:

  • Monitored and Switched models that increase the level of control when managing energy and planning capacity, reducing the risk of overloads, unbalanced circuits, unwanted or unauthorized connections
  • Accurate metering energy and temperature/humidity parameters that provide an extra layer of reliability and system insight, allowing users to take actions remotely via a web browser
  • Up to 20 units that can share a single Ethernet connection, while providing a second (backup) network connection
  • If a linked unit goes off line, the other linked units remain communicating, ensuring continuous and seamless power distribution
  • Low-load alarms that can indicate power line issues or voltage disruption on servers
  • Outlet grouping feature allows users to get insight into total current use for several pieces of equipment, as well as cycle power for redundantly powered devices via a web interface
For more information on eConnect PDUs, visit the product page.
Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Is Your Data Center Ready for a Challenge from the White House?

10/23/2014 11:40:21 AM


Blog - Better Buildings Challenge

The federal government is challenging data centers across the country to become at least 20 percent more energy efficient by 2020, the White House announced in a blog post recently.

In 2013, U.S. data centers consumed about 100 billion kilowatts (kW) per hour of energy, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). By being 20 percent more efficient, cost savings would be about $2 billion. 

The effort is part of the DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge, which also includes commercial and industrial facilities. 

The challenge is intended to get participating data centers to either improve energy efficiency by at least 20 percent and showcase one specific project within 10 years, or have a single data center with an IT load of 100 kW or greater improve energy consumption by 25 percent within five years.

So far, 19 data centers have accepted the challenge.

CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions Can Help 

Energy efficiency is a top priority at Chatsworth Products (CPI). Our industry-leading Passive Cooling Solutions offer innovative airflow management techniques, helping data centers maximize their cooling efficiencies without the need for additional CRAC units, in-row air conditioners or liquid cooling solutions. 

Benefits Include:

  • Saves up to 40 percent on total data center energy costs.
  • Lowers construction costs relative to active cooling solutions.
  • Reduces data center cooling costs up to 90 percent.
  • Permits chilled water temperatures to be increased, providing means for more hours of economization under high IT loads.

For more information on CPI's approach to energy efficiency in data centers, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist  

International News: CPI’s N-Series TeraFrame Cabinet and More Will be at CISCO Live Cancun

10/21/2014 12:44:34 PM

Chatsworth Products (CPI) will display its N-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Network Cabinet, F-Series TeraFrame Gen 3 and GF-Series GlobalFrame® Gen 2 Cabinets and Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) Solution at Booths J1 and J3 during Cisco Live Cancun, Nov. 3-6.

The N-Series Network Cabinet has a unique frame design that allows you to mount various sizes and models of switches, whether Cisco, Juniper or other, in the same cabinet. 

Simply put, CPI designed the cabinet to meet the minimum physical and airflow requirements, according to manufacturers’ published hardware and installation guides. [Cisco recently verified full compatibility with the Catalyst 6807-XL switch.]

Each year, Cisco Live brings together the brightest minds in IT and communications, offering a unique combination of technical education and cutting-edge insight from industry experts. CPI is proud to be part of this elite group of professionals.

For more information on Cisco Live, go here. To learn more about the N-Series Network Cabinet, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

CPI Adds New Wall-Mount Cabinet Selector to its Mobile App Suite

10/17/2014 9:15:26 AM

CUBE-iT Plus Cabinet SystemChatsworth Products (CPI) recently added a wall-mount selector tool in its popular Mobile App Suite.

CPI’s Wall-Mount Cabinets create accessible locations for equipment where space is limited or does not exist. This simple tool will help you select two of CPI’s top systems — ThinLine II or Cube-it Plus® — based on your needs. 

  • ThinLine II - safe, space-saving cabinet for networking multiple systems in high-traffic areas.
  • Cube-iT Plus® Cabinet System - features exceptional strength and rigidity in a swing-out wall-mount and floor-supported enclosure.

Once you make your selection, you will be provided with the cabinet’s complete spec sheet and given the option to add your product to a Bill of Material (BOM), email it to yourself or to CPI Technical Support.

Mobile App Suite is a suite of design tools developed by CPI to help IT and telecommunications professionals determine cable fill, select server and wall-mount cabinets, identify the best power distribution unit and create BOMs for cable pathway, while on the go. 

For more information, or to download our App Suite, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Protecting Critical Networks During Earthquakes

10/14/2014 2:35:10 PM

Z4-Series SeismicFrame CabinetA 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit the coast of El Salvador on Oct.14, near the municipality of Intipuca. Power in the city was down and a local hospital suffered light structural damages.

The International Building Code (IBC) states that hospitals and emergency management agencies are considered Risk Category IV facilities, and must continue to be operational, especially during and after an earthquake, because: 

  • They require direct access to the network at all times for patient records
  • Life support and monitoring devices must remain operational
  • Communications equipment must remain operational
  • Access to network for data is essential to remain functioning
  • Communications services are critical for monitoring and planning 

Consequently, components that will be attached to a Category IV building and that are required to keep operating in such building should have a special seismic qualification from an accredited institution.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) has designed and tested its seismic products to the highest performance, ensuring functionality in the case of even the most severe earthquake.

The Z4-Series SeismicFrame® Cabinet delivers:

  • Market-leading seismic load rating of 1500 lb
  • Multiple size options, including 1200 mm D cabinets to support deeper equipment, like modular network switches and high-density server applications
  • Simplified installation that only requires floor anchorage eliminating the requirement for costly engineering calculations for external bracing
  • Increased chance of continued operation after seismic event
  • Seismic code compliant
As seismic events continue to draw attention on a global scale, preparing for the next seismic event is especially important for data centers that cannot afford to be offline or are not backed up at a secondary location. To reduce risk and minimize equipment damage, seismic protection is necessary.

For details, visit the product page

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Use CPI Short Finger Cable Manager if You Have Fewer Cables to Manage

10/14/2014 8:00:00 AM

 Finger Cable Manager - 39120R_RGB72.jpgDeploying the right cable management accessories makes maintenance, troubleshooting, moves, adds and changes a lot easier. 

A Finger Cable Manager, for example, attaches to the equipment mounting rail to create a pathway for cables next to the rail. It includes plastic T-shaped cable guides (fingers) that organize cables by rack-mount space (U). 

Chatsworth Products (CPI) recently added a shorter version of its Finger Cable Manager, for those with fewer cables to manage.

The Finger Cable Manager, Short, is less deep than the original manager, uses less space alongside the cabinet and passes up to 24 cables per U space through openings. 

Main features include:

  • Smaller manager for applications with fewer cables
  • Attaches to the equipment mounting rail within the cabinet, adjusts in depth with the rail
  • Requires a smaller rail setback than the original manager allowing more rail-to-rail space for supporting equipment in some applications
  • T-shaped cable guides with openings for 24 patch cords that align with each U space in the cabinet
  • Hinged cover that hides and protects cables in 27.6”W (700 mm) and wider cabinets

For more information about the Short Finger Cable Manager, download the F-Series TeraFrame® Data Sheet, GF-Series GlobalFrame® Data Sheet. An updated Cable Fill Table is also available.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

CPI Celebrates Employee Ownership Month in October

10/9/2014 6:32:31 AM

ESOPOctober is employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) month, and as a 100% employee-owned company, Chatsworth Products (CPI) is proud to be celebrating this year’s motto “We Own Our Future”. 

Through its ESOP structure, all employees of CPI become beneficial owners. Such ownership, combined with CPI's inclusive and participatory culture, motivates employees to think and act like owners, creating a strong commitment to the attainment of an ultimate and core purpose: delighting the customer.

Our pride of ownership and the mutual trust and respect we feel for one another is reflected in the company's motto, "We're All in This Together".

Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ to get updates and see photos of our in-house celebrations. For more information on our Employee Ownership history, go here

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Cabling Update: New TIA Standards on Physical Protection of Network and Data Security in the Works

10/8/2014 9:18:38 AM

Vertical Cable ManagementIn an effort to help customers and contractors make a decision on the level of security that needs to be considered in the facility, a committee from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is working on the TIA-5017, a new standard designed to consolidate and integrate existing security measures included in the TIA TR-42 premise cabling standard.

Not all buildings are the same, nor do they have the same functions, so it’s important to address the physical protection of their unique network and data systems, according to TIA

TIA-5017 includes a risk assessment guideline to help users of the standard to evaluate their facility risk, and choose an appropriate level of security. As such, the new standard has detailed cabling infrastructure provisions for surveillance systems, and dedicated security cabling requirements that may be necessary to intensify generic cabling used for data, voice, and building automation systems.

TIA-5017 will also address:

  • Unauthorized connections or disconnections of cables or equipment in the network
  • Recommendations for distributed antenna system cabling infrastructure including cabling topology, architecture, design and installation practices, test procedures and components

To achieve all of these requirements successfully, proper cable management practices are a must. Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers a variety of vertical and horizontal cable management products and solutions to help you achieve the critical support, reliability and flexibility needed to successfully sustain and grow your network capabilities.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist 

Positive Comments on LinkedIn Reveal Another Satisfied Customer

10/6/2014 11:57:17 AM

Telecity Case StudyOne of the core missions of Chatsworth Products (CPI) is to delight our customers. From the superior quality of our products, to the unique customization capabilities and cutting-edge product innovation, we go all out to make sure our customers will always remember CPI’s excellence in products and services.

Recent positive comments from one of our followers at CPI’s page on LinkedIn underline this commitment to delight each and every customer. 

Don West is a systems administrator and has vast experience with data center free cooling, and here’s what he had to say about CPI...

CPI: When did you first hear about CPI?

West: I first learned about CPI when Onramp moved into an old office  in 1998. The small telecommunications style data center was configured with CPI Two-Post racks and Ladder Racks. I repurposed some of the gear left behind and purchased more to create a data center space for Onramp and our customers.  

CPI: How do CPI products differentiate from others in the market?

West: The quality of the engineering and workmanship are apparent in all the products. Attention to detail in the protection of the products during the shipping process is one such detail that is easily missed.  

CPI: How was your experience with our experts, employees or tech support?

West: The few times I interacted with CPI, the support was excellent. I was able to speak with engineers about design changes required to protect network gear from heat buildup while using TeraFrame® cabinets with solid rear doors and chimneys. I found the team to be receptive to suggestions, and they followed up when further research was required.

CPI: Do you have any specific results from before using our cabinets/products to after?

West: I would not attempt to place loads greater than 10KW in a rack unless I had engineered solutions from CPI. Once we implemented the TeraFrame cabinets with Vertical Exhaust Ducts and blanking panels, customers were able to load 25 kW-plus per rack, and the exhaust was directed to the return air plenum, maximizing the efficiency of the data center cooling systems.

We have various case studies highlighting much (but not all) of what CPI does so well— exceptional customer service. How about you—how was your experience with CPI? Let us know, and we'll share it with the rest of the world!

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

New High-Quality BIM Files from Autodesk Seek Available

9/30/2014 8:00:00 AM

BIM FilesChatsworth Products (CPI) provides architects, engineers and other design professionals with an extensive library of building information modeling (BIM) files for drafting and designing an ideal installation.

To ensure the highest quality design tools for your projects, CPI introduces new and updated Revit Models from Autodesk Seek®, built to meet the most recent BICSI Standards , Autodesk Seek RMCSG and other standards.

These new models will include schedule files to allow the architect or building owner to populate the model with the needed information to the proper planning and use of the equipment in the BIM environment.

Take a look at our growing library of free BIM models here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Billion-Dollar Company Deploys CPI Cabinets and Improves Downtime by 56 Percent

9/26/2014 9:17:47 AM

NuSkin_TF_WHT_ROW_RGB72.jpgWhen it was time to get a data center rejuvenation, Nu Skin®, a billion-dollar maker of skin care and nutrition products, tested multiple cabinet platforms.

With a data center that was undersized, undercooled and underpowered, the company needed a top-performing solution. Not only that, Nu Skin needed to solve the data center’s inefficient cooling.

And as a pioneer in Passive Cooling® Solutions, CPI knew how to solve these issues.

A custom strategy for Nu Skin’s data center included:

  • CPI’s N-Series and F-Series TeraFrame® Cabinets with Vertical Exhaust Ducts
  • Hotlok® grommets 
  • Ladder Rack
  • Cable management
  • Custom fascia

Together, these solutions helped cut downtime by 56 percent, increase productivity by 41 percent and drop energy consumption by 23 percent.

All the details of this success story can be found here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Upsite Technologies: Could A-4 Servers Affect the Future of Data Center Airflow Management?

9/24/2014 8:00:00 AM

CPI Physical Security Solutions

As servers that support ASHRAE’s Thermal Guidelines for Data Center Processing Environments allowable classes A3 and A4 are deployed, CPI Passive Cooling® will continue to remain a critical component in overall system efficiency.

CPI Passive Cooling provides airflow management that isolates and removes hot exhaust air from the data center. Isolating and removing hot exhaust air from the data center is the catalyst for optimizing cooling. Keeping hot and cold air separated allows operators to reliably increasing room temperature which ultimately provides access to more free cooling hours. 

As Ian Seaton, CPI's Global Technology Consultant, recently explained in the Upsite Technologies blog, "How A-4 Servers Could Impact the Future of Data Center Airflow Management," deployment of A4 servers may eventually result in the elimination of the traditional mechanical plant in data centers, but airflow management, like CPI Passive Cooling, will continue to play a critical role in realizing efficiencies.

For more information on CPI's Passive Cooling Solutions, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist