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CPI’s KoldLok® 2-Post Grommets Blocks Airflow, Prevents Dust from Collecting

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Koldlok 2-Post Rack Grommet - 13878P_INSTALL_RGB72.jpgTwo concerns in data center cooling are how to effectively prevent by-pass airflow and stop air impurities from coming through racks and servers.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers KoldLok® 2-Post Grommets to address these two issues. Designed to cover the opening between the base angles of CPI’s Two-Post Standard Rack, KoldLok 2-Post Grommets form a tight seal around cables passing between the base angles of the rack, thus blocking airflow. KoldLok also prevents dust from collecting between the base angle of the rack.

“The KoldLok 2-Post Rack Grommet is ideal for applications when installing on a raised floor surface. The grommeted rack opening allows you to pull cables through this area while blocking by-pass airflow,” says Michael Moore, product manager of Open Architecture at CPI.

The split design allows for easy installation on newly installed or existing Standard Racks by simply snapping onto the base angle of the rack, as you can see in this video.

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