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Ken Cox is a Data Center Superhero

Rescue lost power and cooling with containment.

30 to 50 percent of data centers will run out of power and cooling within the next year. Research suggests that most data centers use an average of four times more cooling than is actually required by the IT load. At Chatsworth Products (CPI), we go to extraordinary lengths to design products that provide you with the best solutions available.

Aisle Containment Campaign

Get quicker ROI and avoid spending $5-$25 million or more on a new data center by choosing an Aisle Containment Solution by CPI. We offer unique methods of containment to address architectural and business variable in your data center, resulting in financial savings and a more efficient facility. 

Aisle Containment is becoming the new standard solution for data centers because:

     •  It is the first step to achieving energy savings.
     •  It adds life to an existing data center.
     •  It makes better use of air supply.


Let CPI show you how to be a data center superhero.        


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Case Study: Hostirian Colocation Data Center


 Hostirian Case Study

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