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Environmental Enclosures

NEMA 12 Freestanding Cabinet - NEMA_12_CAB_RIGHT_VENTED_RGB72_300p.jpgEnvironmental enclosures are designed to protect equipment against certain environmental conditions such as water and dust. Two styles are currently available: the NEMA 12 Freestanding Cabinet and Wall-Mount Wireless Enclosures.

The NEMA 12 Freestanding Enclosure is designed for indoor use, but outside of traditional telecommunications and equipment rooms. It protects Information and Communications Technology Equipment (ICT/ITE) and electronic automation and industrial controls by forming a physical barrier around equipment, providing a degree of protection against dust and non-corrosive liquid penetration. Use to place equipment in warehouses and certain manufacturing environments.

Wall-Mount Wireless Enclosures hold additional environmental ratings and can be used outdoors to protect network connections and wireless access points or other smaller electronics. Wall-mounted products can be found here.


RMR® Environmental Enclosures

CPI will be introducing a new line of environmental enclosures in 2016. For more information, download the Environmental Enclosure Solutions Brochure.

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RMR® Environmental Enclosures

RMR, pronounced "armor," provides solutions engineered specifically for technology, automation and control equipment in non-hazardous indoor locations. RMR enclosures are NEMA Type 12 and IP 55 rated. 

You can count on RMR to protect your critical equipment and keep business up and running.

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