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Momentum Vertical Cable Manager with Rings

Momentum Vertical Cable Manager with Rings

The Momentum Vertical Cable Manager with Rings is a simple, cost-effective vertical cable manager for use with open two-post and four-post racks.

Photo shows Momentum attached to CPI's Standard Rack.

Availability: Asia Pacific

The Momentum Vertical Cable Manager with Rings attaches to the side of a 2.1 m high (45U) open rack, to create a simple, effective vertical cable pathway for managing cables. It is ideal for use in small, secure equipment rooms that will house one or two equipment racks. Open racks typically use less floor space than traditional IDF cabinets, but provide similar or higher equipment load. 

Features include:

  • Sturdy C-shaped, vertical metal channel supports cable weight and creates a distinct front and rear cable pathway 
  • Edge-protected pass-through ports in the channel allow front-to-rear cabling
  • Includes seven smooth plastic rings to secure and protect cables
  • Rings have a flexible front opening for easy addition or removal of individual patch cords 
  • Rings attach to the front and rear of the channel
  • Optional accessory ring kit offers deeper rings for the rear of the channel for larger premise cable bundles
  • Features a black powder coat finish