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Physical Security

CPI Physical Security Solutions

Chatsworth Products understands that businesses and organizations across all industries and applications need superior security when it comes to the highly sensitive information they handle on a daily basis. Everything from bank accounts to private medical records are stored on systems that rely on the sound judgment of those who oversee the data to even stricter physical security for the data itself. That’s why CPI's physical security solutions offer innovation, configurability, quality and value with a breadth of integrated system components - covering virtually all your physical layer needs.

Starting at the manufacturing level, CPI’s entire product line is crafted from the finest materials, then extensively tested for strength, stability and durability. This craftsmanship ensures that the racks, cabinets and various enclosures we produce are ready to house your equipment with toughness unrivaled in the industry.

Furthermore, as a result of close partnerships with prominent manufacturers, CPI continues to enhance our physical security solutions through such innovations as Electronic Locking Systems on our TeraFrame® Family of Cabinet Systems, as well as a variety of mechanical locking solutions, solid top and bottom panels, and keyed lock systems for many of our cabinet systems. CPI’s Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA) software takes our physical security to yet another level by giving you unprecedented electronic access to the equipment housed in your cabinets.