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Product Configurator

The Product Configurator allows you to create custom products with accessories, and receive a total list price. In many cases, accessories can be installed prior to shipping.

To begin, select from the product families below.


Rack Systems

Two- & Four-Post Racks

Racks provide unrestricted ventilation and easy access to cables and equipment. Select from two- or four-post products available in a variety of sizes and options.

+Power: Use this Configurator to add power to your order. 

Configure a two-post rack
Configure a four-post rack


Cabinets and Enclosures

Cabinets & Enclosures

CPI cabinets provide unequaled equipment storage options ranging from high load ratings to highly effective cooling solutions.  

+Power: Use the TeraFrame and GlobalFrame Configurators to add power to your cabinet. 


Configure a TeraFrame Cabinet
Configure a MegaFrame Cabinet
Configure a GlobalFrame Cabinet
Configure a Z4-Series SeismicFrame Cabinet


Wall-Mount Systems

Wall-Mount Systems

Wall-mounted racks and cabinets provide compact space-saving storage for a wide variety of applications.

Configure an open wall-mount rack
Configure an enclosed wall-mount cabinet


Power Products Configurator

Power Management

Use this Configurator to select the correct product from CPI's standard power offering.  To configure a cabinet that includes power, select the TeraFrame or GlobalFrame Configurators above. 

Select a power product


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