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Product Configurators

CPI Product Designer


CPI provides you the opportunity to create a solution that perfectly matches your installation requirements. The CPI Product Designer for RMR® Industrial Enclosures will guide you through the steps and selections necessary to create a product that meets your size requirements, thermal and cable management needs.

CPI Product Designer for RMR® Industrial Enclosures

CPI Product Designer LogoCPI Product Designer creates unique RMR® Industrial Enclosure designs quickly and easily by allowing you to select the size, features and accessories needed for a specific application. CPI Product Designer will generate bills of material, drawings, 3D models and sales documents automatically.

Once the design is finished, you will receive a confirmation email with the product’s description, part number, bill of material with pricing and related documents. A second email will notify you when the 3D models are complete, usually within 15 minutes. 

To begin, select from one of these products.

RMR Modular Enclosure 
RMR Swing Wall-Mount Enclosure 
RMR Fixed Wall-Mount Enclosure 
RMR Standard Wall-Mount Enclosures
RMR Floor-Mount Enclosures
RMR Free-Standing Enclosures


Sales Support

Contact Sales Support if you have questions about:

  • Product Orders 
  • Distributors & Resellers

In the U.S. call 1-800-834-4969, outside the U.S. & Canada, call +818-739-3400.

Or you can submit a Customer Support Request.

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Technical Support

Contact Technical Support if you have questions about:

  • Products & Installation
  • Consultation Services

In the U.S. call 1-800-834-4969, outside the U.S. & Canada, call +818-739-3400.

Or you can submit a Customer Service Request.

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