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How Much Containment is Enough?

As manufacturers continue to push the thermal envelope on high density computer equipment, containment has become the critical component in the solution towards combating rising cooling costs.

But maximizing return requires you to ask, “How Much Containment is Enough?” Achieving an optimum degree of airflow containment cannot be reached through a one-size-fits-all solution. The true measurement of any containment solution is dependent upon using a Hot Aisle, Cold Aisle or Cabinet Containment strategy that has been optimized for airflow, static pressure, leakage, bypass air and temperature variance.

Backed by research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, recommendations from ASHRAE and the European Data Center Code of Conduct, and supported through real-world case studies and expert analysis, this new whitepaper will help you discover "How Much Containment is Enough?".

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How Cabinet Perforation Impacts Airflow

When choosing a cabinet door for your data center it is essential to ask yourself what level of perforation will be needed. Opinions on this subject are extensive, and some experts will tell you that for high-density heat loads of 30 kW and above, you need 80% perforation, while others will say only 64% perforation is needed. Data center technology develops at a rapid pace and every day new discoveries are uncovered, which is why there is more to this question than just a single number. 

This study will give you the tools to identify what level of cabinet perforation best suits your specific application and will show that for a large cross sectional area, using a perforation of 64% does not impact airflow and there is no loss in performance even at extreme density loads of 30 kW and above.

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