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CPI’s Standard Rack Now Has Grounding Features

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Two-Post Standard Rack with Integrated GroundingChatsworth Products (CPI) has enhanced the design of its industry-leading Two-Post Standard Rack, popularly known as “THE Rack” or “55053.” 

An effective storage solution for patch panels and network switches, the aluminum extrusion rack features unmatched sturdiness and durability. Furthermore, it features a small footprint, making it the best choice in many telecommunications and equipment rooms where floor space is limited. Another convenient element is the rack’s 19” EIA universal rail spacing with marked and numbered U spaces. 

An important feature is that The Rack has now a grounding location added to one side of the rack channel, thus ensuring proper grounding and bonding, as well as reduction of labor time. In addition, the new design does not use any rack mount unit space in the rack footprint, which in return saves money and allows full utilization for equipment.

The Two-Post Standard Rack is now available in Glacier White, a new standard CPI color. Because it’s highly reflective, the finish provides better visibility, thus reducing energy costs. Other attributes include: Grounding and Bonding with integrated ground studs and 52 U on 8’H racks instead of 51. Available in three heights (7 feet, 8 feet and 9 feet), the rack has a new accessory Rack Ground Jumper Kit that can be ordered separately. 

For more information about CPI’s Standard Two-Post Rack, go here.

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