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What Is New, What Does It Do?

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Industry conferences and tradeshows seem to be one of the best opportunities to get a firsthand look at new products and solutions. The BICSI Fall Conference held in Las Vegas earlier this week gave CPI the opportunity to introduce several new products. These include the new Seismic Frame® Two-Post Rack, the T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet with Vertical Exhaust Duct, new accessories for Evolution Cable Management and the new telescoping Vertical Exhaust Duct which if part of the F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet Vertical Exhaust Duct System.

Several companies had the opportunity to take part in BICSI’s “What’s New? What Does It Do?” sessions. These four-minute presentations were held each evening during the tradeshow. CPI took advantage of this program to talk about the new Seismic Frame Two-Post Rack. Alan Taft, Sr. Product Manager for CPI, was able to squeeze quite a bit of information into his presentation and actually used about five minutes to do it. You can watch his presentation in the video below.


The feedback we received from customers and partners about the new rack was very positive. Many of them rely on CPI for quality products that meet their application requirements, and now with the addition of the new seismic rack, they can complete their installation without looking elsewhere for other seismic-rated racks that do not have the same quality and features.

One gentleman I spoke to after Alan’s presentation brought up an interesting point. He said, “If I get hit with an earthquake that is rated 8.3 on the Richter Scale am I really going to care that my rack is still standing?” I responded that I understood his point, but told him that CPI cares. The room may be rubble, but that rack will still be standing – if there’s a floor beneath it. Though our conversation was spoken mostly in jest, he expressed his pleasure at seeing this new rack on the market because he is a long-time CPI customer who relies on our products when specifying products for his customers. If you have any questions or comments about the Seismic Frame Two-Post Rack, please use the comment link below.  Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer

Posted by Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer at 11/08/2016 11:19:39 AM

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