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8,472 and Counting

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One year provides 8760 hours to work, play, sleep or whatever it is we hope to do, unless it is a leap year then we get an extra twenty four. This year at CPI it seems to me that we've gotten the most out of the year by introducing new products, expanding manufacturing capabilities, opening a new technology center and adding exciting new infrastructure management capabilities to our already comprehensive solution set.

I've collected a few highlights of our year and listed them below. For a more complete overview, take a look at our enewsletter archive. If you don't receive our monthly enewsletter, you can subscribe now.

SEMA Software

Enterprise Infrastructure Management

CPI introduced a comprehensive Enterprise Infrastructure Solution that provides integrated global management of the IT architecture with the components necessary to access, monitor and control equipment and devices around the world from a single location.

Included in the solution are components necessary to meter, monitor and control equipment and devices around the world from a single location. A complete personalized Enterprise Infrastructure Solution can be built using CPI’s Software Systems, KVM Systems and Power Management Products along with Thermal Management and Cabinet and Enclosure Systems. [Details]

OnTrac Wire Mesh Cable Tray

OnTrac™ Wire Mesh Cable Tray

The new OnTrac™ Wire Mesh Cable Tray System is an ideal solution for supporting and distributing large quantities of cables. The highly flexible OnTrac can be positioned above drop ceilings, under access floors, against walls or to the tops of racks and cabinets, and can be cut and formed to create smooth curved transitions around building structures and obstacles. [Details]

F-Series TeraFrame

F-Series TeraFrame® Cabinet Accessories

CPI introduced a variety of new UL Listed accessories which expanded CPI's line of CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions, cable management, power management and cabinet baying capabilities.New accessories included: Bottom Panel, Sealing Kit, Vertical Cable Manager, Cable Lashing Bracket, Zero Spacing Baying Kit, Slide Adapter Kit and more.

Additionally, the F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet now includes a second set of square-punched attachment points along the sides of equipment mounting rails for attaching the new Vertical Cable Manager accessory to the cabinet. [Details]

PUE Calculator

CPI PUE Calculator™ Available

The CPI PUE Calculator™ was introduced as a complimentary online tool that determines data center cost savings when combining CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions with some of today's most effective cooling strategies including KyotoCooling®, water-side economizers or evaporative air-side economizers. [Details]

Epicenter Acquisition

CPI Acquires Epicenter, Inc.

CPI acquired Epicenter, Inc., an industry leading provider of data center infrastructure management tools to the enterprise and managed services market. Epicenter was a leader in delivering systems that provide the capability for advanced data center performance measurement such as compute per watt. Patented KVM solutions, IP-addressable power distribution units and software delivered centralized cross platform management of servers, network and storage. These products are now part of CPI's Enterprise Infrastructure Management Solution. [Details]

Research, Development and Training Center

New Research, Development & Training Center

CPI opened a new Research Development and Training (RD&T) Center that allows visitors to learn about and interact with CPI Products and Solutions, while offering them the ability to observe data center thermal testing, as well as in-house product testing. Watch the video.   [Details]

Manufacturing in Europe

CPI Now Manufacturing in Europe

CPI now has manufacturing resources in Europe to support customers located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). This will help better serve the needs of customers by providing enhanced access to CPI Products, faster delivery times and overall more cost effective solutions. [Details]

   Kim Ream, Sr. eCommmerce Specialist


Posted by Jeff Cihocki at 08/17/2012 06:55:42 AM


2009 certainly was a big year for CPI. Looking forward to what 2010 will bring.
Posted by: Brian Brown at 12/21/2009 2:15 PM

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