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9 Key Benefits for Using KVM Over IP

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KVM Over IPManaging hundreds or thousands of servers around the globe and around the clock requires an easy way to find and access equipment. CPI provides space-saving, scalable and fully integrated KVM Systems with optional IP capability, versatile configurations and patented technology. When combined with CPI’s SEMA software, KVM Systems deliver enterprise-wide infrastructure management and console access to servers and network switches.

Listed below are 9 key benefits in using this type of solution:

  1. Provides a single interface to access and control power to all rack-mount equipment
  2. Quickly locate equipment using a central, searchable database that stores equipment names and specifications
  3. Easily switch views between servers, network switches and data storage equipment; an integrated terminal emulator allows access to CLI devices
  4. Setup equipment remotely using the USB sharing function
  5. Control the status of each Power Distribution Unit (PDU) outlet (on/off) and cycle power if required
  6. Automatically measure and record temperature and humidity in each rack/cabinet and per-outlet power use by equipment
  7. Set and receive alarms for temperature, humidity, and power usage limits
  8. Create power usages reports for data centers, rack, cabinets and equipment
  9. Use the capacity planning tools to see available RMU, temperature and power use for each rack

CPI’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions provide complete systems for enterprise-wide rack-level equipment access, asset management, power measurement and control to help IT administrators and facilities managers optimize daily data center tasks and energy use.

For additional information download the KVM Over IP webpage, visit the KVM System web page or contact us. We also welcome your comments below. Sarah Gaskins, eMarketing Specialist

Posted by Sarah Gaskins, eMarketing Specialist at 11/07/2016 01:15:37 PM


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