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CPI Expands Power Management Line with New High-Power PDU Power Strips

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Power Management ApplicationTo help manage escalating data center power requirements and the need for additional power management within cabinets and racks, CPI has expanded its Power Management Product line with the addition of 90 high power Single- and Three-Phase PDU Power Strips. UL 60950 Listed and/or CE marked, CPI’s new Single- and Three-Phase PDU Power Strips meet a wide range of power circuit requirements, are offered in both vertical and horizontal configurations and provide a large variety of features and benefits.

Available with UL Listed magnetic circuit breakers, CPI’s Single-and Three-Phase PDU Power Strips supply critical power protection to equipment. Built-in circuit breakers guard against current over-draw and potential equipment damage. Most new models are also available with built-in local and/or IP current meters which include digital displays that show the amount of current being drawn by the equipment. Local current meters allow users to judge the remaining capacity on the power strip before adding a new device to the circuit, and IP current meters provides Ethernet-based monitoring with programmable limits that send SNMP traps as alarms. In addition, CPI’s Single- and Three-Phase PDU Power Strips can be configured with tooless cabinet or rack-mount bracket kits that simplify data center installations.

For high-density power applications (up to 120 amps), CPI’s Three-Phase PDU Power Strips save time and money by reducing the number of whips required to power each cabinet or rack when compared to single-phase solutions. The Three-Phase PDU Power Strips are available in both a four-wire 250 Volt DELTA and a five-wire 120/208 Volt WYE configuration, and offer multiple NEMA and IEC style inlets, outlets and plugs.

For additional information visit www.chatsworth.com/power, download the Power Management Brochure or call contact Technical Support at 800-834-4969. Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist

Posted by Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist at 10/11/2011 09:32:52 AM

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