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CPI Helps You Manage Data Center Assets Around the Globe from a Single Location

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Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) now offers comprehensive Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions that provide integrated global management of the IT architecture with the components necessary to access, monitor and control equipment and devices around the world from a single location.

A complete personalized Enterprise Infrastructure Solution can be built using the below products:

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Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA)
Access, monitor and control the entire enterprise regardless of physical location. SEMA stores critical information about each device in a searchable, centralized database, making it easy to locate equipment, measure and record temperature and humidity and provide comprehensive per-outlet (per device) power usage.

KVM Systems

KVM Systems
Find and access equipment with scalable, fully integrated KVM Systems. KVM Systems provide optional IP capability and connections for up to 42 ports per switch in only 1 RMU of space. Deliver enterprise-wide infrastructure management by combining CPI KVM Systems and SEMA software to achieve console access to servers and network switches along with asset management and power monitoring.

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Power Management Products
Provide basic, metered, monitored and controlled power solutions for low or high density applications. Combine select PDUs with SEMA software to receive real-time power monitoring and reporting across the enterprise down to the device level. You'll enjoy current-usage reporting, power cycling and threshold alarms from devices around the globe.

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Thermal Management
Achieve 2 to 30 kW of cooling, without the need for supplemental cooling systems with CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions. By creating barriers between cold supply and hot exhaust air, complete isolation is achieved and only cold supply air is allowed to be directed through equipment. This isolation generates a consistent temperate throughout the room and permits higher set points on the cooling system - reducing data center cooling costs up to 90%, and saving up to 40% on total data center energy costs.

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Cabinet and Enclosure Systems
Select a CPI Cabinet System that is precisely designed to fit your equipment and complement your data center’s cooling system. A wide variety of options and accessories are available to manage cables, store critical equipment and meet thermal and power demands.


For more information about CPI’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions, please visit www.chatsworth.com/infrastructure-management or call 800-834-4969.

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