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CPI Participation in Dublin BICSI Conference a Success

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Ian Cathcart Presents at BICSIOur participation to the BICSI Conference in Dublin on the 22-24 June was a total success. About 150 attendees visited our booth. Several of our products were on display including our next generation F-Series Teraframe™ Cabinet with thermal accessories.

Ian Cathcart, RCDD, CPI Technical Support Manager for EMEA, made a Technology Innovation Presentation titled "Managing Data Center Heat Issues" on Tuesday, June 23. This presentation included an examination of data centre heat load trends and the detrimental effects that increasing equipment densities are causing in the data center environment. The traditional data center layout, including the hot aisle/cold aisle configuration and the limitations which this imposes were discussed. There was also an assessment of the benefits and negatives of various cooling techniques including water-cooled cabinets, cold aisle containment systems and passive cooling strategies. Five simple mitigation techniques that can be deployed in existing data centers to overcome hot spots were discussed along with the economic benefits of complete isolation between HVAC cool supply and hot return air in the cabinet and data centre which eliminates the possibility of hot air recirculation.

The presentation was followed by quite a number of questions from the audience. Several people pointed out that they appreciated the presentation which they found highly informative and helpful. Among our EMEA representatives were Joe Weber, Area Vice President, Lauren Tucker, Area Sales Director and Ben Parker, Regional Sales Manager.

For additional information, please contact our United Kingdom office at +44 (0) 1628 524 834 or email us at sbooluck@chatsworth.com.

Article submitted by: Shalini Booluck, Office Manager, EMEA

Posted by Jeff Cihocki at 10/11/2011 09:45:32 AM

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