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CPI's Social Network

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Consider this – Facebook boasts a following of 500 million users worldwide. Twitter? Try nearly 200 million. And the most professional of the bunch – LinkedIn – well, they’re at a respectable 90 million and growing. That’s nearly 800 million people across the globe, all tapped into a shared online community of wall posts, tweets and updates of every kind during every day, every hour, every second – in other words, lots and lots and lots of server and rack space!BLOG-SOCIAL-MEDIA-CPI.jpg 

In this active and vibrant online community, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) continues to build a strong following and provide an open forum for employees, partners, customers, contractors and more to become better connected with our people, products, services, brand and business. To that end, we’d like to announce some exciting new updates and changes to our complete CPI social network, including the sites mentioned above, as well as our CPI YouTube Page and our most in-depth social news source, the CPI Cross-Connect Blog.

New Facebook Page
Starting today, the Chatsworth Products, Inc. Facebook Page will be available at a NEW URL – simply click the link above and “like” all that we’ll now have to offer, including a dedicated news feed, video playback, and complete photo albums of our products/services and year-round CPI events/seminars/trade shows and more. This is a great place to stay tapped in (mobile & desktop) while keeping it casual.

Over at the CPI Twitter Feed, you’ll find the quickest and most convenient link to CPI news, notes, events, product releases and more – in 140 characters or less! If you’re always on the go and just want the no-frills facts as soon as they become available, CPI via Twitter is the perfect mobile resource.

For a more professional and comprehensive look at our products, services, employees, training events and more, the CPI LinkedIn Page has you covered. In addition to updated displays of our Twitter and Blog feeds, CPI’s LinkedIn page also includes the ability to recommend our products and services to your network, informational videos and more.

With each passing day, we’re building a better CPI social network just for you. We invite everyone to visit and join us on each of the pages listed above to take an active role in this shared community. With your help, feedback and participation, Chatsworth Products’ role as a global leader in IT infrastructure and beyond will be a shared success – thank you! Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist 


Posted by Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist at 10/11/2011 10:25:58 AM

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