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Create a Custom F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet Using our Product Configurator

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As you may know, the next generation F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet now has new features. As a result, we have updated our F-Series TeraFrame Product Configurator so that you can take advantage of these enhancements. I'd like to explain some of the new options so that you will understand when you should add them to your custom design. If you have any questions regarding these options, contact CPI Technical Support at 800-834-4969 or leave a comment below.

/uploadedImages/Blog/Grommets.jpgGrommets for the Server Top Panel – The latest Server Top Panel now includes a pair of laser cut discs that are easily removed, on site, to provide two additional cable entry points. To protect the cables, we offer a pair of 3.5” (80mm) rubber grommets (CPI P/N 35021-000). For a nominal fee, we will install these grommets as the cabinet is being assembled. It’s a good idea to note this request on the Installation Notes screen. The grommets are offered on the main screen where the cabinet features are selected. This option is not applicable for the Network Top Panel or the Vertical Exhaust Duct Top Panels.

Power-Strip-Bracket.gif66” Single Power Strip Bracket - The F-Series TeraFrame has always shipped with a pair of these brackets. Now, we let the customer decide which rear corner they should be installed in. We also allow the customer to add a second pair to the opposite corner for a small extra charge (CPI P/N 34434-C01). Their installation is free since there is a charge for installing the power strips. These brackets are offered in the Vertical Accessories section of the configurator. If the customer happens to skip this section, he will still get the first pair of brackets with the cabinet, just not installed. Note, in cabinets where the brackets and power strips are not usable because of the cabinet height, the brackets will not be displayed as options in the Vertical Accessory section. One pair of brackets will still ship with each cabinet regardless of its height.

M8-Drop-in-Nut.gifM8 Drop-in Hardware for Accessories – With the addition of the new extruded depth members of the cabinet frame, we now offer a special kit of hardware that uses a slot in the extrusion to secure customer furnished accessories (CPI P/N 35058-001). All the CPI accessories that attach to the extrusion ship with the appropriate hardware. There should be no need to include this kit unless it is to support customer provided accessories. This kit includes sixteen bolts, washers and special drop-in nuts. You will find this hardware offered in the Installation Mounting Section.

If you haven't used our Product Configurator, check it out. It allows you to create custom products and systems from some of our most popular product lines. Once built, the Configurator will present a total list price, rendered drawings and offer a selection of distributors or global resellers.  John Bennett, Sr. eMarketing Specialist

Posted by John Bennett, Sr. eMarketing Specialist at 11/07/2016 02:13:15 PM

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