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Did You Know? CPI Offers a Variety of BICSI-Accredited Courses

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BICSIMore than just designing, manufacturing and championing world-class IT infrastructure products, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) takes an active interest in furthering the technical knowledge and background of our peers and the industry at large on a variety of topics.

To that end, CPI consistently maintains a roster of BICSI-accredited courses that count towards continuing education credits (CECs). At present, CPI has five courses that offer BICSI CECs at different levels. These include:

  • Beyond Best Practices in the Data Center - 2 credits
  • Reducing Energy Consumption with Passive Cooling - 1 credit
  • How to Plan a Data Center Cooling Budget - 1 credit
  • The Art and Science of the Efficient Data Center (Series A and B) - 5 credits
  • The Art and Science of the Efficient Data Center (Series C) - 6 credits

Of particular interest are the last two entries above, both pertaining to ‘The Art and Science of the Efficient Data Center.’ That’s because these BICSI-accredited courses are currently being offered on the CPI Data Center Efficiency Technical Seminar Series for 2011.

The seminars, taking place all across the U.S. for absolutely free, are a great way for data center professionals to earn BICSI CECs, network, and hear about the latest advancements in efficient data center practices as presented by CPI and partners. For more information on attending upcoming dates, including June 1 in Boston, MA and June 15 in Seattle, WA, be sure to check out the registration page here

For more information on all of CPI's BICSI-accredited courses and specialized training, be sure to contact CPI Sales and Technical Training Manager, Michele Hammer at 800-834-4969 ext. 6051. Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist 

Posted by Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist at 10/11/2011 10:33:37 AM

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