Employee Spotlight: Ben Parker, Regional Sales Manager for Ireland and United Kingdom | Chatsworth Products
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Employee Spotlight: Ben Parker, Regional Sales Manager for Ireland and United Kingdom

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Ben Parker

Ben Parker recently joined Chatsworth Products as Regional Sales Manager for Ireland and the United Kingdom. He will be reporting to Lauren Tucker who is located in our UK office in Bourne End. Ben came to us by way of Prism Data Cabinets where he worked as a Sales Manager for the Technology & Infrastructure division. He and his wife, Caroline, share their home with their two cats Dobby & Dinky. Ben’s hobbies include cars, travel, landscape photography and mountain biking. Ben just concluded a visit to the states where he met his fellow employee owners and learned more about Chatsworth Products. He is back in the UK and ready to go to work. You can contact Ben via cell (011 US only) 44 0780 555 4408 or email him at bparker@chatsworth.com . John Bennett, Sr. eMarketing Specialist

Posted by John Bennett, Sr. eMarketing Specialist at 10/11/2011 09:38:52 AM

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