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F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet: Selecting the Right Top Panel Can Expand Future Options

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With the recent release of the new telescoping Vertical Exhaust Duct System for the F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet there was a change made to the cabinet’s Server Top Panel. It was redesigned to support the duct in all 600 and 700 mm wide F-Series TeraFrames that are 1050 mm deep or deeper. All cabinets that are less than 1050 mm deep have the traditional Server Top Panel. The new Server Top Panel allows you to install the Vertical Exhaust Duct by simply removing a pre-cut piece from the top panel and attaching the duct.

Top Panels

This upgrade is reflected in the part number matrix of the F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet. Previously, you would have selected option #1 under the section titled “Top Panel Style”, but now you will need to select option #4.

Top Panel Option

This change in the F-Series part number matrix is not reflected in the current catalog but is available in the online Product Configurator.

Top Panel Option 2

If you want to order a new cabinet without the Vertical Exhaust Duct option but think you may want to add the duct later, then be sure to select a cabinet that is at least 1050 mm deep along with Top Panel option #4. When ordering new TeraFrames, it is a good idea to specify the #4 option because of the upgradeability it offers. For additional information, visit our website or contact Technical Services. John Bennett, Sr. eMarketing Specialist

Posted by John Bennett, Sr. eMarketing Specialist at 10/11/2011 09:24:10 AM

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