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Intel Uses CPI Products in One of the Highest Density Data Centers in the World

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Is it possible to efficiently cool 4,700 blade servers that are generating 30 kW of heat per rack on a slab floor? According to Intel, that is exactly what they are doing using CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions.

Intel recently released a video tour of one of their highest density data centers which uses an existing building with three floors. The first floor is a traditional raised floor area with a hot aisle/cold aisle layout; the second floor features ultra high-density (30 kW a cabinet) servers on a slab floor using CPI’s “chimney rack”; and the third floor houses a liquid-cooled supercomputer.

Intel shares details about how they converted a chip fabrication site into a high density data center. Tom Greenbaum, Data Center Operations Manager, provides a guided tour of the data center. He explains the challenges of the retrofit and the innovative solutions used to meet their needs at this location.

While on the second floor, Tom points out how the hot exhaust air is completely isolated and removed from the room using CPI’s Vertical Exhaust Duct, which eliminates recirculation and hot spots. This type of cooling, known as passive cooling, helps reduce data center operating costs, maximizes cooling unit efficiencies and minimizes your environmental impact. Click on the image below to view the video and find out why CPI Passive Cooling Solutions is the Simply Efficient™ choice for Intel and for your next high density data center retrofit. Sarah Gaskins, eMarketing Specialist

Intel Video

Posted by Sarah Gaskins, eMarketing Specialist at 10/11/2011 09:23:50 AM

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