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KyotoCooling Makes its Debut in the United States

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Blog-Kyoto-Cells.jpgCertainly no stranger to Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) and the European market in general, the data center cooling method known as KyotoCooling® has finally found its way across the pond – having recently made its United States debut in a state government data center in Helena, Montana.

By using a rotary heat exchanger to cool data center air without the aid of a compressor, this method has grown in popularity for its ability to boost efficiency while reducing cost – a win-win situation that played a huge factor in Montana’s decision to implement the KyotoCooling thermal solution.

Of course, it’s no secret just how well KyotoCooling works when paired with CPI’s Passive Cooling® Solutions. By isolating the room’s cold air from hot exhaust air, CPI cabinets equipped with vertical exhaust ducts will work in unison with the KyotoCooling method to create a thermal cooling solution that the state expects to yield some of the lowest data center cooling costs in the nation. For more details see blog article "KyotoCooling and CPI Passive Cooling – Simple But Effective". 

It’s only fitting that news of this first U.S. KyotoCooling installation come at a time when CPI’s own Thermal Design Manager, Travis North, gets set to deliver a special presentation on “Optimal Cooling in Cabinets” during this week’s KyotoCooling seminar in the Netherlands (October 12 – 14, 2010).

As a recurring presenter at many of KyotoCooling’s international seminars, CPI is proud in knowing that our own thermal cooling solutions serve as a value-added pathway and benefit to the cost saving outcomes of the KyotoCooling method. Through this close partnership, CPI Passive Cooling and KyotoCooling can not only decrease electrical consumption in the data center, they can increase density per cabinet, giving you the ability to choose where equipment is located while maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the data center.

As the project in Helena, Montana helps illustrate, even the best ideas can get better with a little help from our friends. To see the difference KyotoCooling and CPI Passive Cooling can make in your data center, check out our PUE Calculator. 


Posted by Jeff Cihocki at 10/11/2011 10:17:12 AM

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