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Let Me Introduce Our Teams - Technical Support

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We have many different teams assigned to meet your needs. I will introduce each team in the very near future and include some highlights of how they make your job easier and deliver our promise of “Delighting the Customer”, but first I’d like to tell you about my team, (Technical Support) because I am the most familiar with it. 

We take care of your technical requirements.  If you have questions about how our product is used, any special requirements you may need, drawings you may require, we are your team.  We also help you as the contractor to understand how best to deploy and install our products, any compatibility issues, and assist you in any quality issue you may face.  We are available Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific Time and can be reached by telephone or email. Additional help can also be found from your local CPI Regional Sales Manager or authorized CPI Distributor.

Another great service we offer is our Layout Services.  We will take your requirements and develop a Bill of Material (BOM) and drawings from it.  If you have an architectural drawing, send it to us and we will actually add our products to that drawing for you.  If you have a Visio Drawing, or even a “napkin sketch”, that will help too.  We typically take three days to deliver the BOM and drawing (depending on the size and complexity), and if you only require a BOM that can be delivered faster.

We will use standard practices to develop these drawings, but please verify that the standards we use meet your local inspector’s requirements (authority having jurisdiction).  Since you all know that requirements differ from state to state, even city to city, we cannot keep up with all of these regulations.  We do use the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) as our guide. I am RCDD Certified, along with eight of my teammates.

Next time, I will introduce our Regional Sales Managers because they are the folks you are most likely to see in the field.

Tom Bradley, Technical Support Supervisor

Posted by Tom Bradley, Technical Support Supervisor at 10/11/2011 09:10:20 AM

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