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Local Community Joins CPI for Official Grand Opening of Research, Development and Training Center

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CPI officially celebrated the grand opening of the Research, Development and Training Center yesterday by inviting local community leaders, businessmen, reporters and others to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony and to tour the facility.

RDT Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The overcast sky relented from its continuous drizzle just long enough for everyone to witness Larry Renaud, President & CEO of CPI, cutting the ribbon. Wesley Gass, VP of International Business & Global Supply Chain and Drew Granzow, VP of Product Development & Technical Services, held the ribbon.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed refreshments and the opportunity to get a firsthand look at the Thermal Test Lab, Product Test Lab, Product Showroom and Customer Meeting Center.

“Chatsworth is a long time partner and great corporate citizen,” said Mel Penland, President of the Georgetown, Texas Chamber of Commerce. “They employ great people who make a daily contribution to this community. This project is evidence of what is going on in Georgetown and we are so excited for Chatsworth and its employees. This is a great day.”

The remainder of this week will be spent visiting with some of our distributors and giving them the opportunity to see what the RD&T Center offers.

Our RD&T Center was designed with our customers in mind and we invite anyone who is interested in learning more about CPI Products or our thermal management solutions to come visit. To start the process, take a look at www.chatsworth.com/rdt. Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist

Posted by Jeff Cihocki at 10/11/2011 09:34:32 AM

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