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New Four-Post Rack Covers All the Bases

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The new Adjustable Rail QuadraRack™ (ARQR) and ServerRack (ARSR) with adjustable rear mounting rails are easy to assemble, easy to use alternatives to an equipment cabinet or enclosure. The open, four-post design provides solid front and rear support for equipment with unobstructed airflow and easy access to equipment and cable.

ARQR/ARSR can be used in data centers and network facilities to support heavy equipment with low to medium heat densities. They are also often used for cross-connect applications, especially to support modular network switches or routers. The ARQR features threaded mounting holes to support patch panels, fiber enclosures, network switches and routers and large quantities of network cables. The ARSR has square-punched mounting holes to support rack-mount servers and data storage equipment or any mix of equipment.

Adjustable Rail QuadraRack

Unique Adjustable Rails
Both the ARQR and ARSR features adjustable equipment rails that enables you to adjust the front-to-rear mounting depth of the rack to match equipment mounting requirements, even after the rack has been assembled and installed. 

What’s included?
Each rack includes one Top-Mounted Cable Waterfall Tray with an adjustable radius drop, which allows for easy side-to-side routing of patch cords, and comes with one sample 7 RMU T-shaped Cable Guide that aligns with each RMU space. In addition, both racks provide integrated grounding and bonding features which include a Two Mounting Hole Ground Terminal Block and Antioxidant Joint Compound for easy attachment to the Telecommunications Grounding Busbar.

System Solution
ARQR/ARSR can be combined with other Rack SystemCable Management and Cable Runway products to create a complete solution. You can easily bay racks with cabling sections to control cables; add shelves to support equipment; or add overhead Cable Runway to support cables.

Create a custom four-post rack complete with accessories using CPI’s online Product Configurator. Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer



  • Four-post, bonded steel rack supports 2,200 lb
  • Rear mounting rails adjust in depth after installation
  • Self-squaring assembly
  • 19” EIA width, three heights and two depths
  • Available with threaded or square-punched rails
  • Integrated grounding and bonding system
  • Includes Top-Mount Cable Waterfall Tray
  • Bays together for multi-rack configurations
  • Compatible with CPI Vertical Cable Managers
  • Optional Side Panel available
  • Ships flat on pallet

Posted by Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer at 11/08/2016 10:31:16 AM


Do you have the base and top for Chatworth 19" x 8' high racks? I would need at least fifty (50) units. I believe the catalog number is TX1001761. Thanks
Posted by: Michael Shelton at 8/12/2010 8:44 AM

Hi Michael! The base and top angle for our 19"W racks fit all heights. The part number for one top angle is 10375-501 and for base angle it is 41021-501 (both of these are for clear finish). For additional ordering information you may want to call Customer Service at 800-834-4969.
Posted by: Kim Ream at 8/13/2010 1:22 PM

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