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RCDD Does Not Stand for “Really Cool Data Dude”

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Did you know that CPI has 10 team members who are Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD®) Certified? Should you even care?

When I joined CPI’s marketing department more than eight years ago I had a lot to learn about CPI and the telecommunications industry. As with many industries, telecommunications is rife with acronyms, RCDD, being just one of many. When I came across a coworker’s name that was followed by RCDD, I asked a seasoned teammate what it stood for and the only response I got was “Really Cool Data Dude”. Somehow this did not seem like a credible answer, especially when combined with the chuckles it brought from teammates in surrounding cubes. I’m gullible, but not THAT gullible.  It wasn’t until the two tech support guys across the aisle from me decided to become RCDD certified that I began to understand what it meant – it means a whole lot of studying followed by a nerve racking test. But seriously, it isn’t easy to be certified and the direct benefit of that certification goes to our customer. I’m going to try and explain why you should care about dealing with a company who values employee knowledge.

RCDD certification is the standard measurement used to identify individuals demonstrating expertise in the design, integration, and implementation of telecommunications and transport systems including their related infrastructure.  The Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) instituted this knowledge assessment program in 1984.

To qualify for the RCDD examinations individuals must be a current BICSI member with at least two years experience in distribution design. Qualified individuals must pass extensive exams on the contents of  BICSI’s Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manuals (TDMM) and telecommunications standards. Once certified, RCDD professionals are required to stay up-to-date on current industry developments through continuing education and must renew their registration every three years.

Along with the prestige that RCDD status carries it also conveys instant advantages including:

  • A professional designation of excellence
  • The status recognized and demanded by numerous private and state organizations
  • A noted mark of design expertise valued internationally
  • An overall indication of experience and understanding known throughout the telecommunications industry

The quantity of and wide range of RCDD professionals employed by CPI demonstrates the extensive commitment and knowledge that is extended to customers working with CPI.  This broad scope of certified employees offers our customers an abundance of knowledge and resources to aid them in many different ways. To find out more about the RCDD certification, visit the BICSI Website.

The following CPI employees are recognized as RCDD certified:

  • Andrew Pae, RCDD, Design Engineer
  • David Sloma, RCDD, Technical Services Supervisor – SK and Sustaining Engineering Team
  • Dennis Van Lith, RCDD, Senior Product Manager
  • Fernando Reyna, RCDD, Application Sales Manager
  • Scott Cordell, RCDD, Field Application Engineer
  • Robb Jones, RCDD, Regional Sales Manager
  • Sam Rodriguez, RCDD, Associate Product Manager  
  • Tom Bradley, RCDD, Technical Support Supervisor
  • Tom Cabral, RCDD, Regional Sales Manager
  • William Krietzman, RCDD, Design Engineer

To speak with one of our certified employees, just call us at 800-834-4969. As for those two tech support guys who studied long and hard to become certified – they are no longer in tech support, they have been promoted. I guess becoming RCDD certified benefits more than just the customer!

Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer

Posted by Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer at 10/11/2011 09:17:04 AM

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