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Simply Efficient Seminars Show You How to Make Data Center Cooling a Reality

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Simply-Efficient.jpgChatsworth Products, Inc. has a thermal management solution for data centers that is so simple, yet so effective, that it is making an impact in magazines, websites, tradeshows and seminars; as well as being discussed by leading industry experts.

CPI’s thermal evangelist, Ian Seaton, has been spreading the good news, not just in the United States but across the globe, at seminars with other thermal experts.  But now CPI is hosting its own series of training sessions focusing solely on the cabinet’s place in the data center and how it is no longer just for equipment storage, but a vital link in the overall cooling strategy of a data center. 

CPI Passive Cooling™ Solutions is so incredibly effective and affordable (compared to other thermal solutions) that it leaves many wondering why there continues to be so much confusion surrounding heat in the data center. The solution is simply this: total hot air/cold air isolation.  No more hot spots. No additional cooling equipment. 

Sound like we’re just dreaming?  Find out for yourself. SIGN UP for a complimentary seminar near you. Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer

Posted by Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer at 10/11/2011 09:16:24 AM

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