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Specialties are our Specialty

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CONFIGURATOR_ONSCREEN_RGB72.jpgCPI loves your custom designs ...

Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) has seen a rise in requests for custom configurations over the course of the last several years. Data Center, Facility, Datacom, and IT managers are demanding solutions that meet their specific requirements as they approach and overcome the challenges in their particular environments.

CPI has a team of dedicated engineers and product developers that work daily with enterprising clients to design the solutions they demand and require. So, the next time when you need your equipment cabinets to be designed to your specifications or require that rack or cable manager to be “just fit” for your data closet, think of CPI. Specialties are our specialty.

For help with your custom design you can email techsupport@chatsworth.com or call 800-834-4969 (in the U.S. and Canada) or 818-739-3400 (outside U.S. & Canada). Don't forget, you have the capability to create a custom configuration of many of our standard products using CPI's Product Configurator. Jeff Steen, Area Vice President, Corporate and Strategic Account Sales

Posted by Jeff Steen, Area Vice President, Corporate and Strategic Account Sales at 10/11/2011 10:02:52 AM

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