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The Evolution of Cable Management

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CPI pioneered cable management for open architecture, two-post racks. The original Vertical Cabling Section (VCS) still enjoys an enthusiastic following and we remain flattered by the many imitations sold all around the globe. But pioneers are rarely content to rest on accomplishment and just tell stories of frontiers tamed in years gone by.

CPI ushered in the modern era of cable management with the Master Cabling Section (MCS). This innovative manager was the first to use finger-style cable guides on 1 RMU rack spacing as well as hinged removable covers. Again, the market quickly embraced the improvements afforded by this evolutionary step in cable management.


Now CPI continues its legacy of pioneering cable management with the introduction of Evolution™, the next generation in cable management. Endowed with a distinctive “high end” appearance similar to the TeraFrame™ Family of Cabinets, Evolution was designed from the outset with Category 6a cable in mind. Strength, rigidity and features that enhance cable capacity and cable routing were each given specific attention in the design process. The resulting vertical cable manager delivers industry leading performance. Evolution Cable Managers
This new generation of cable management provides cable guide fingers that are both long enough and strong enough to hold 48 Cat 6a cables. This is no small accomplishment given the size and relative inflexibility of 10-gig cables. Because Evolution was designed around this difficult-to-use cable, several other cable management difficulties were identified and solved. But as with the race to the moon and most other pioneering efforts, the benefits of pushing the envelope can be realized in less cutting edge applications as well.


A good example is the Cable Lashing Bar. This simple yet innovative solution allows cable bundles to more easily and effectively be anchored back into the depths of the cable manager. When trying to maximize cable capacity, the effective utilization of the interior of the vertical management space is critical. Historically, threading Velcro in order to properly lash cable bundles to the midsection of a cable manager was tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes required a helper on the other side of the row of racks. The Cable Lashing Bar makes this a quick and simple one person job – easy to do from one side while you are installing cable.



Evolution Mid Section Split

One of the favorite innovations delivered with Evolution is the Movable Mid-Section. Since the beginning of time, double-sided vertical cable managers have forced everyone to accept the 50/50 split between front and rear cable management space. But real-world applications rarely need the same space front and rear, so Evolution was designed to allow the Movable Mid-Section to be relocated in the field from the factory default 50/50 location to either a 40/60 or 60/40 split between front and rear area. This is flexibility that has real meaning.

CPI has been driving the evolution of cable management and the next generation is here. Evolution is a great looking product, but the strength of its features are what make it really attractive.

Brian Donowho, Senior Product Manager

Posted by Brian Donowho, Senior Product Manager at 11/08/2016 11:04:58 AM

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