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Vertical Exhaust Duct Has More Heights; Does Not Require Ceiling Grid Alterations

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TeraFrame-Vert-Duct-300.jpgThe Vertical Exhaust Duct, a CPI Passive Cooling® Solution used with the F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet System has been enhanced to offer more sizes, is configurable to meet ceiling height requirements and is collapsible for easier shipping. The enhanced duct replaces the original Vertical Exhaust Duct and attaches to the top of the 23.6” (600 mm) and 27.6” wide (700 mm) F-Series TeraFrame Cabinets with 41.3” (1050 mm) to 47.2” deep (1200 mm) cabinet frames. In addition, a new Server Top Panel design replaces the previous Server Top Panel on cabinets with the Vertical Exhaust Duct and on cabinets that can be fitted with the Vertical Exhaust Duct. For details on ordering a new duct or top panel see blog article F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet: Selecting the Right Top Panel Can Expand Future Options.


  • Fits existing F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet System
  • Two-piece telescoping duct is available in two height ranges; the short version extends from 20” - 34” (508 mm - 863 mm) and the tall version reaches 34” - 60” (863 mm - 1523 mm)
  • Gaskets located along the top edge of the duct create a seal around the opening in the drop ceiling, eliminating the need for ceiling grid alterations
  • Folds flat during shipping and can be included with a cabinet or ordered separately with a Server Top Panel
  • Easy installation; attaches to the top of a Server Top Panel over a cutout at the rear of the panel
  • UL® Listed

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Posted by Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist at 11/08/2016 11:11:32 AM

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