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     wood floor instalation kit       concrete floor installation kit 

Wood Floor Installation Kit
CPI Part Number 40607-001 is an installation kit for use on wood floors.  It consists of four each of: flat washers, split washers,  and 3/8" lag screws. 

Concrete Floor Installation KitsCPI Part Number 40604-003 is an installation kit for use with concrete floors.  It includes four each of: 3/8" anchors, 3/8" threaded stud, flat washers, split washers, and hex nuts. 

Caster Kit - 2000 Lb   

2,000 lb Caster Kit
The new 2,000 lb Caster Kit allow cabinets to be moved quickly and easily. When space is limited, cabinets can be placed against the wall when not in service. Casters also allow for easy reconfiguration of space.  Increases height of cabinet by 3” 

  • Install casters prior to populating cabinet 
  • Intended to be used on CPI cabinets manufactured after July 1, 2004 

Note, factory installed casters require special processing.  Contact Technical Support for Assistance.  



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