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Stabilizer Kits



Retractable Stabilizer Kit 

A floor-level brace that provides anti-tip protection when heavy, slide-mounted equipment is extended in front of the cabinet. When not in use, the Stabilizer can be retracted under the cabinet for unimpeded aisle space and improved cabinet appearance. 

The Stabilizer is recommended for new cabinet installations as access to the bottom interior of a populated cabinet may be difficult. Leveling feet (included with each cabinet) or casters (P/N 12475-001) are required to support the cabinet, so that Stabilizing Feet can slide freely. 

Full Kit: If the cabinet has leveling feet and no casters, select the full kit which comes with leveling feet extensions. 

Partial Kit: If the cabinet has casters in addition to leveling feet, select a partial kit because extensions are included with CPI caster sets 

Designed for CPI MegaFrame® and SlimFrame™ Cabinets that are 6’, 6’6” and 7’ high, 19” or 23” wide, and 30”, 36” or 39” deep. 
Provides anti-tip support for servers up to 300 lb. 
Safe use requires that servers are secured in the closed position prior to extending the stabilizer feet and that only one server at a time be extended for service. 
When rack-mount equipment is not being serviced, Stabilizer remains under the cabinet, keeping aisles clear for service carts. 
Perforated floor tiles located in front of the cabinet remain unobstructed, allowing cool air to flow freely. 
 Retractable Stabilizer Kit