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Top Panel



Vented Top PanelStandard on 72", 78", and 84" cabinets the Vented Top Panel provides louvers for passive air flow and has mounting holes for installing our top-mounted Fan Kit. It also includes 3" x 5" "knock-out" panels for cable entry.  Can also be installed on 28" and 48" high cabinets.

M-Series Vented Top

Solid Top PanelStandard on 28" and 48" high cabinets the Solid Top Panel helps protect the cabinet contents and provides a surface to support a printer or monitor.  Can also be installed on 72", 78", and 84" cabinets. Note, since the Solid Top Panel does not provide ventilation, Vented or Perforated Doors are recommended for cabinets to prevent heat buildup. Also available is a bottom-mounted ECS Blower  or  Filtered Ventilation Kit 

M-Series Solid Top