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Vertical - Amp Metered (15/20/30 Amp)



Vertical Power Strips attach to the side of the cabinet's mounting rails to save rack-mount space for equipment. They can be adjusted front-to-rear to align with equipment, and several power strips can be installed in one cabinet to supply multiple circuits in support of redundant.

Select models also have a built in current meter with a digital display. This frature assists with power management by allowing the user to judge the remaining capacity on the power strip before adding a new device to the circuit.

  • 125 VAC, 15 or 20 amp rating, UL Listed
  • Standard or Twist-Lock Plug
  • 20 outlets, 10' cord
  • Amp Metered
  • Optional Surge Protection
  • Optional Circuit Breaker

Vertical Power Strips Amp Metered